It’s mom vs. Frigidaire. Who will win?

Julie Faro’s Frigidaire washing machine is broken. With two kids and twins due any day, she needs it fixed — pronto. Does she have a fighting chance?

Question: I have been trying to get Frigidaire to replace a washing machine that I purchased from Lowe’s that has never worked since installation. We have been going through an authorized appliance repair technician for almost two months and six replacement parts! We have been told by Frigidaire that it is not their responsibility to sell a working appliance, only to try to repair that appliance, if still under warranty, no matter how long the repairs take.

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We have two kids under six, twins due any day now, a handicapped elderly mother that we care for in our home and a $1,500 non-washing washing machine in our laundry room and no one cares enough to remedy the situation! I’m blown away by the responses we have been receiving. Can you help? — Julie Faro, North Andover, Mass.

Answer: Frigidaire should have sold you a machine that worked. If it didn’t, then either the company, or Lowe’s, should have quickly repaired the machine. While it’s true that manufacturers will work with third parties to repair their appliances, it doesn’t also mean they can wash their hands of responsibility when something goes wrong. I don’t care what the warranty says, or doesn’t say.

Frigidaire, which is owned by Electrolux, implies its products will work. It describes itself as “a global leader in home appliances” and says its appliances are “thoughtfully designed, innovative and sustainable.” Unfortunately, you can’t be thoughtful, innovative or sustainable when your products don’t work.

And what about Lowe’s? It promises that customer service is a “core commitment” in its mission statement. So how was it that Lowe’s passed you off to an authorized appliance repair technician even when you were still under warranty? It boggles the mind.

It looks as if you started a paper trail. Good for you. Most consumers forget to put everything in writing, instead making a series of frantic phone calls. But not you. You had documentation.

Unfortunately, you sent the documentation to the wrong people — the lower-level regular customer service channels who simply gave you the same canned answers. You could have appealed this to someone higher up the ladder. I list the contacts for the executives at Electrolux and Lowe’s on my consumer advocacy site.

You’d given Frigidaire ample time and opportunity to fix your washer. Enough is enough. I contacted the company on your behalf and it replaced your washing machine with a new one.

10 thoughts on “It’s mom vs. Frigidaire. Who will win?

  1. “Answer: Frigidaire should have sold you a machine that worked. If it didn’t, then either the company, or Lowe’s, should have quickly repaired the machine.”
    Did she ever contact Lowe’s about her issue? There is nothing in the article stating that she did; only that she went through an authorized appliance repair technician. That may indicate she went to Frididaire for her issue. Also, Lowe’s does offer, for purchase, warranties on the products it sell. If she did not purchase one (perhaps because the washer came with a standard one year warranty), it would be incumbent on her to go through Frigidaire.
    Having said that, I know Lowe’s has a return policy on the appliances it sells. One can call and Lowe’s will come out and pick up the appliance within so many days of installation, for a full credit.
    I just purchased a LG refrigerator, LG washing machine, LG dryer and a Bosch dishwasher from Lowe’s over the last six weeks. I was told repeatedly that if there was an issue with any of the items or if we decided we did not want it, Lowe’s would come back out and take it back. However, in that case, since it hauled away all the old items we replaced, where would that leave us? Nonetheless, everything is working properly and the installations went perfectly without issues. One last thing. In Lowe’s Terms and Conditions, under MANUFACTURER WARRANTY FOR GOODS/LOWE’S WARRANTY FOR INSTALLATION SERVICES, it clearly states the following, “Lowe’s does not warrant the Goods. Lowe’s does warrant that the Installation Services will be performed by the installer in a good and workmanlike manner.”

    1. good and workmanlike manner.

      But that doesn’t say it’ll be a working installation.

      color me skeptical………..

      1. At least it stands behind the installations and will make it right if it isn’t! Had a Lowe’s contractor install a hot water tank for me about seven years ago. It was not done right and the tank was damaged while being installed. The contractor left and did not come back. Called Lowe’s and the next day the tank was removed, a new one was ordered, a longer tank was installed and when the replacement tank came in, it was installed correctly and there was NO charge! City inspector came by, checked everything and approved the installation.
        Try to get some other companies to do that.

        1. “City inspector came by, checked everything and approved the installation.”

          Then he went back to his office and added the value of the new hot water heater to your tax basis! Ha ha! [ Likely not, because it’s a repair. But, one never knows, do one? ]

          I just put in a new one. Since they go bad every 10 years or so, more or less, I put unions on the pipes. Next time it dies, I’ll unscrew the unions, transfer the nipples to the new tank, and screw it in. With luck, it’ll be about 30 minutes. I got lucky – the one I just replaced lasted 24 years, which is usually impossible. Rheem / Rudd – good stuff. I’ll NEVER buy the other brand because they LIED to me when I called ’em on the phone. AND, new one fit right in as it had same dimensions as old one…….

  2. Sounds like she was going down the wrong rabbit hole. The first time by brand new “non-washing washing machine” broke I would have made Lowe’s come get it and bring me a new one. A non working machine right out of the gate would have been a non starter.

  3. Surge Suppressor. Filters out spikes from power company. My oven died twice before I figured out that the oven computer needed protection. No problem since installing a $20 suppressor.
    Put one on the new dishwasher [ which has a computer ]. Power failure. Power restored. Power surge thru the panel fried the circuit breaker, fried the surge suppressor, saved the dishwasher. Cheap insurance.

  4. There’s an implied warranty that products will work from the get-go. Not Frigidaire’s responsibility to sell a working appliance??? Bull! Who told you that whopper? If it were Frigidaire, they’d go to the top of my Do-Not-Buy list. I would have insisted immediately that Lowe’s (not Frigidaire) replace the machine. A new machine that doesn’t work is probably a lemon–no amount of repair will ever fix the issues. I’m glad the advocates were able to help you with this, but it never should have happened in the first place.

  5. “So how was it that Lowe’s passed you off to an authorized appliance repair technician even when you were still under warranty?”

    Isn’t that the definition of “warranty service”? That they send a service technician out to service it?

  6. We bought a full size Haier Fridge/Freezer from Lowe’s. The freezer worked and the fridge did not. Unfortunately we bought the extended manufacturer. warranty so Lowe’s said it was Haier’s responsibility. Haier is in Germany and after weeks of phone calls and promises nothing was getting done.We were just desperate.

    To my amazement when I called the local Lowe’s where we made our purchase, the appliance manager arranged a return and helped us select a different fridge with a refund of the difference credited to us.

    Here is what I don’t understand. The local Lowe’s manager said the Haier refrigerator will be fixed by Lowe’s and resold. Why couldn’t they have just sent someone to fix it in the first place?

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