My girlfriend’s phone is not repairable — so why should she continue to pay for it?

Kristen Chew’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was a dud. It kept freezing up, overheating, crashing and rebooting when she tried to use it. On the few occasions she was able to use the phone, its response time was too slow. And, although the phone was still under warranty, she could not get it repaired successfully.

Congoleum said they would replace my floor — then I never heard from them again!

Richard Kitchen had a problem with the Congoleum Ovations flooring he had installed in his home four years ago. The top layer had begun to wear off, exposing a white base underneath.
“No problem,” he thought. “I have a 20-year warranty.”

It seemed like a simple process to get the flooring replaced. Until it wasn’t.

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