Did Expedia make an error and leave this traveler stranded?

Could Expedia make an error that leaves you stranded somewhere? In this case, it appears so. Joanna Heath says Expedia canceled her return flight to Los Angeles, forcing her to buy a new ticket. Now the online agency refuses to give her a refund. What’s happening here?


I recently booked a flight from Los Angeles to Philadelphia through Expedia for my family. A few weeks later, I contacted Expedia to make a change for my return flight. The agent made the booking and sent me confirmation and the attached travel documents. But I’m certain that the Expedia agent made an error.

When I tried to check-in for my return flight — the one I had changed — I got a message “check-in not available. Please contact an agent.”

I contacted American Airlines. An agent told me that the flight was delayed and that the delay would cause us to miss the connecting flight. But when they went to give us an alternate flight, they discovered that we actually had no tickets. According to American Airlines, Expedia had made an error and never paid for the flight or completed the booking.

We now had no flights home at all. We were advised by American Airlines to call Expedia immediately.

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