Why did American Airlines call me a no show for a flight it canceled?

How could American Airlines consider a passenger a no show for a flight it canceled? The answer to that question is, of course, it can’t. Yet that seems to be precisely what happened to Sherri Gleason – and at the worst possible time for the grandmother-to-be.

During a recent snowstorm, an American Airlines agent informed Gleason that the airline had canceled her upcoming flight. That flight was meant to take Gleason to Dallas, where she would attend her daughter’s baby shower. With no replacement flights available to get her to the event on time, she reluctantly accepted the inevitable.

But soon, Gleason’s tremendous disappointment at missing her daughter’s special party turned to outrage. First, American Airlines swiftly rejected her refund request for the canceled flight – claiming she’d been a no show. And when she pressed for further information, the airline accused her of canceling the much-anticipated trip herself.

Now Gleason is asking our team for help. She wants American Airlines to give her money back for the canceled flight. But the airline continues to stand by its claim that Gleason was a no show for a flight that operated as scheduled.

So what’s really going on here? Let’s find out.

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