Is this the worst Airbnb experience ever?!

Lee Smith believes she just had the worst Airbnb experience ever. And after you hear — and see — what she (and her cat) endured during the past month, I think you might agree.

Her tale is a harsh reminder of the risky nature of shared-space rentals. Smith assumed the Airbnb host had properly vetted the man with whom she would be sharing an apartment. Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be the case. (last updated Jan 2021) Read more “Is this the worst Airbnb experience ever?!”

What is the PayPal Key and how did a hacker make one for me?

Until recently, Robin Shermon had never even heard of the PayPal Key. But a few days before Christmas, she quickly learned all about the new virtual card in the most unpleasant way. That’s when she discovered a hacker had created a PayPal Key and made a $2,000 purchase using her cash.

Now Shermon hopes that the Elliott Advocacy team can get her hard-earned money back.

Can we do it? Read more “What is the PayPal Key and how did a hacker make one for me?”

The ultimate guide to travel loyalty programs

Loyalty programs offer a powerful incentive to travel, and to travel more. Since the first frequent flier programs appeared in the early 1980s, frequent flier and frequent stayer incentives have mushroomed to proportions no one could have predicted. Today, it’s possible to collect miles without darkening the door of an aircraft, or points without checking into a hotel. You can earn them from buying groceries or subscribing to Netflix.

But should you? Read more “The ultimate guide to travel loyalty programs”

Just in time! Here is some expert winter driving advice

Looking for some expert winter driving advice? Here it is — and just in time for 2021!

Of course, getting behind the wheel in below-freezing conditions probably isn’t your idea of fun. Even the most experienced motorists slide around on icy roads as if they just graduated from driving school. But you can have a better road trip this winter without losing your cool, say experts.

No one knows for sure what kind of winter weather lies ahead. But the good news is that forecasters are predicting a mild winter for 2021 in most areas of North America. However, since predictions are not always reliable you should still prepare yourself for the worst. Here’s how. Read more “Just in time! Here is some expert winter driving advice”