Weekend survey: Do you believe online hotel reviews?

When it comes to online hotel reviews, do you believe everything you read?

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I’m asking for two reasons. TripAdvisor, which dominates hotel reviews, just announced it has started offering a way to rate airlines. (That ought to be interesting.)

Also, I’m working with a TV news program that is investigating hotel reviews. If you work for a hotel, or have ever worked for a hotel, and have engaged in “reputation management” designed to influence the reviews your property receives, please contact me directly by Monday afternoon. I’ll pass your name along to the appropriate people.

Now, to this week’s question. I’d like your comments on how these hotel reviews affect your travel purchasing decision. Do you take them seriously, or pay them no heed? Has the way you’ve used these hotel reviews changed in the last five years, and if so, how?

As always, please send me your full name, city and email address. Your comments may appear in a future post.

Here’s a link to the survey.

Here are the results.

One thought on “Weekend survey: Do you believe online hotel reviews?

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