Why did American Airlines call me a no show for a flight it canceled?

How could American Airlines consider a passenger a no show for a flight it canceled? The answer to that question is, of course, it can’t. Yet that seems to be precisely what happened to Sherri Gleason – and at the worst possible time for the grandmother-to-be.

During a recent snowstorm, an American Airlines agent informed Gleason that the airline had canceled her upcoming flight. That flight was meant to take Gleason to Dallas, where she would attend her daughter’s baby shower. With no replacement flights available to get her to the event on time, she reluctantly accepted the inevitable.

But soon, Gleason’s tremendous disappointment at missing her daughter’s special party turned to outrage. First, American Airlines swiftly rejected her refund request for the canceled flight – claiming she’d been a no show. And when she pressed for further information, the airline accused her of canceling the much-anticipated trip herself.

Now Gleason is asking our team for help. She wants American Airlines to give her money back for the canceled flight. But the airline continues to stand by its claim that Gleason was a no show for a flight that operated as scheduled.

So what’s really going on here? Let’s find out.

Royal Caribbean accepted my $4,200 upgrade bid for a downgraded cabin

Royal Caribbean offered Stan Fernald and his wife the opportunity to bid on an upgraded cabin for their upcoming cruise. So they did. Then just days before the Liberty of the Seas set sail, the cruise line accepted their $4,200 RoyalUp bid. But this wasn’t welcome news for the couple. Not at all. By that time, they had paid Royal Caribbean thousands of dollars to switch to one of the largest suites onboard the ship.

The cabin Royal Caribbean awarded the couple through RoyalUp was actually a RoyalDown.

The Fernalds rejected the smaller cabin assigned to them through the auction. And Royal Caribbean just as quickly rejected their refund request of the $4,200 bid.

Now with RCCL standing firm on the nonrefundable nature of RoyalUp bids, Fernald is asking for our help. He hopes we can convince the cruise line they’ve made a mistake and get his money back.

Can we do it?

What does United Airlines owe you during a flight delay? (Hint: not $10,000)

What does United Airlines owe you after an extended flight delay? Joseph Baloun took a wild guess during his recent experience. A really wild guess. He calculated that United Airlines owed him $10,000 in future travel credit for an unpleasant 16-hour delay.

But does United Airlines owe him anything at all?

If you’ve ever wondered what you can and can’t expect in compensation after an extended flight delay, then this article is for you. (Last updated April 2022)

Royal Caribbean let my frenemy cancel my cruise. What can I do?

Royal Caribbean recently gave Rita Yates an unpleasant surprise when she called to make the final payment on her upcoming sailing. An RCCL agent explained that the cruise Yates intended to take to celebrate her 40th anniversary had been canceled. Assuming that the cancellation was another casualty of the pandemic, Yates asked why the cruise line hadn’t informed her sooner.

That’s when Royal Caribbean gave Yates an even bigger surprise: Explorer of the Seas would be sailing as scheduled. In fact, the RCCL representative explained, records showed Yates had canceled her own cruise – and forfeited her deposit.

Yates says she absolutely did not cancel her cruise, but she believes she knows the troublemaker who did. Now, with Royal Caribbean unwilling to refund her deposit or reinstate the voyage, she’s hoping our team can help.

But with police reports, lawsuits, and other threats being tossed about, is there anything we can do?

This is how to get a refund from a bankrupt cruise line

If a cruise line goes bankrupt while holding a customer’s cash, does the money just go down with the ship? That’s what many Crystal Cruises customers are asking this week after the company suddenly stopped operating.

But the fear of bankruptcy and sudden shutdowns is not limited to this particular cruise line. Throughout the pandemic, our team has received a steady stream of concerned messages from cruise ship passengers. These travelers all have large sums of money “invested” in various cruise lines via deposits and future credits.

Here it is: The worst booking mistake I’ve ever seen

What if you made the worst booking mistake ever — and realized just moments too late?

Lori Karasek did just that. This novice traveler intended to book a relaxing all-inclusive beachfront hotel in Jamaica for her son and herself. But she accidentally ended up with a nonrefundable, landlocked business hotel that forbids children — located one hour from the beach.

This is how they got removed from their cruise (with no refund)

When a couple is involuntarily removed from their cruise halfway around the world, does the cruise line owe them compensation?

That’s William Coates’ question. Holland America booted him and his wife from the Westerdam in Korea just days into their 14-day cruise. Now he’s out thousands of dollars and he wants Holland America to pay.