Home Depot messed up my kitchen. Can you help me fix it?

She says Home Depot messed up her kitchen.

Why can’t Home Depot fix the mess it made after installing the appliances in Angela Jenkins’ kitchen? It’s time for answers.


I purchased a dishwasher, refrigerator, range, and microwave from Home Depot last Black Friday. I’ve been having issues with the installation process ever since, and hope you can help me.

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It started with the initial delivery. The technicians said they were unable to install the dishwasher because the dishwasher door would not close. The next day I went down to my basement and there was water beneath the area where the installers were working the day before.

I contacted a store manager, who told us to contact a plumber to fix the issue and that they would reimburse us, which they did.

After fixing this issue, Home Depot told us that they would send another technician to install the dishwasher. When the second technician came out, he told me that he could not install the dishwasher because the first group had cut the pipe too short and the connection would not work.

I called the plumber, who told me that because of the damage done to the pipes that he would have to remove the back cover from my kitchen island in order to install the dishwasher properly. I asked for approval from Home Depot, and a manager agreed to the repair.

After they installed the dishwasher, I contacted Home Depot to let them know that we now needed our kitchen island repaired as well as the damage to the basement. The company told us to get an estimate of the damage so that they could submit a claim to their insurance company.

We did. The total cost is $878. Home Depot submitted the estimate to its insurance company, which denied the claim stating that they have a delivery ticket with my or my husband’s signature on file indicating no damages to our property.

I have asked the insurance company for a copy of the document that they are referring to. The insurance company told me they have requested it and will send it when they receive it. The kitchen island is still damaged, and the water damage downstairs is still there. Can you help me?

Angela Jenkins, Sugar Hill, Ga.


Home Depot should have installed your appliances correctly the first time. If it didn’t, it should have fixed the damage promptly, and without all the paperwork.

Your case is an excellent example of problems caused by outsourcing. Home Depot deferred to at least three third parties with your complaint: the installers, a plumber, and an insurance company. But when you purchase your appliances, Home Depot promises you’ll work with a “hand-selected” network of professionals and backs their work with a one-year warranty. Why it’s as if a Home Depot employee is coming to your house to install the appliance for you!

Time for Home Depot to do the right thing. You can start by reaching out to the executive contacts for Home Depot on this site.

A little extra attention on this messed up kitchen

But your case required a little extra attention. There had been so much back-and-forth on your installation, I think even the company was confused about what to do next.

Our advocate, Dwayne Coward, contacted Home Depot on your behalf. Home Depot’s insurance company cut you a check for the full amount of your kitchen repair.