Why won’t Home Depot schedule delivery of my refrigerator unless I pay an extra $700?

Jennifer Gaetjens got a great deal on a refrigerator at Home Depot using a coupon combined with a sale. But a few days later, the company told her that it had no record of her purchase. Now Home Depot won’t schedule the delivery of her new appliance until she pays an additional $700. What’s going on here?


My husband bought an LG Electronics stainless steel refrigerator on sale at Home Depot. After trying to buy the appliance online, we had to go to the store to finish the transaction. The computers were down at the time, but we got a receipt from Home Depot that included the tax and delivery charges. We also had a coupon for 18 months interest-free.

I called Home Depot to check on the order and confirm a delivery date, but a representative informed me that our order had been lost. We needed to return to the store to buy the refrigerator again. My husband went to the Home Depot. But this time, they denied him the original discount. Home Depot wanted him to pay an extra $700 for the refrigerator before it would be scheduled for delivery. The store manager was instructed by corporate not to honor our receipt. We want and need a refrigerator. Can you help us? — Jennifer Gaetjens, Pennsauken, N.J.