Why won’t Cardone return my calls?


Answer: Technically, Cardone is correct. Your warranty lasted a year, and once it’s up, you have to pay for any repairs. But the company should have also given you a straight answer when you tried to reach one of its executives.

By the way, those executive contacts for Cardone can be found on my consumer advocacy site.

In reviewing your correspondence, it looks as if most of your communication with Cardone happened by phone. I highly recommend you put something like this in an email, detailing any special circumstances. You can always appeal to someone higher up the ladder by forwarding the emails to an executive, if necessary. But stay off the phone.

Your problem, where the warranty runs out even though the product isn’t used, comes up from time to time. Warranties were written by lawyers to protect the company, not the customer. In these special circumstances, the company isn’t required to help its customers, but should still consider some kind of goodwill gesture. I mean, you hardly used the car and it looks like the steering needs to be replaced.

But the real reason my advocacy team accepted your case is that we felt someone should have responded to your appeal, even if to say “no.” It also gave the folks in our research department an excuse to find Cardone’s executive contacts, which we did.

Cardone reviewed your case and decided to replace your steering unit. What a great resolution.