Dollar raised my rate from $105 to $431 — but why?

Farid Currimbhoy can’t figure out why the price of his Dollar rental just tripled. Our advocates help him with the car rental math.

Question: I recently rented a car from Dollar in Chicago. My rental cost $105 with an additional charge of $5.65 per hour if late.

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I arrived in Chicago early and was billed $431 for the rental. According to a Dollar employee, it was “because I came early my original contract is invalid.”

What the …!

Why not add another day to my original contract or use the $5.65 an hour as specified in the original contract? I spent a lot of time in line waiting to speak with a supervisor. But it was a long wait, so I left.

I should have canceled and started over at Dollar or another rental company, but by then I was too angry. Can you help me get a refund? — Farid Currimbhoy, Winsted, Minn.