Why it’s good to have enemies

When I complain about my critics, my father, a retired Presbyterian minister, responds with St. Luke’s words of wisdom. “Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you,” he reminds me, “for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.”

In other words, maybe it’s good to have enemies.

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Perhaps vice president-elect Mike Pence knows what I mean after watching Hamilton last night.

But I’ve been thinking about those words from the Good Book lately. There’s an airline, which I won’t name because it craves the publicity, that hammers this site every time we mention it because it claims our stories contain “multiple errors.” When we offer to correct the alleged inaccuracies, we discover that our only mistake was in not recounting the story as the airline wanted us to.

Then the airline threatens to sue us, which it never does.

Enemies — self-declared, mutually agreed upon, or otherwise — are incredibly useful to our advocacy team, but also to you, the readers of this site. When someone says they hate us, they are actually helping us. For that, we should be grateful.

For example:

10 thoughts on “Why it’s good to have enemies

  1. Oh, no, another new change to this site that DOES NOT enhance it. I want my stories complete on one page. At least some sites give us the option, once we’ve landed there, to switch to a single page – only a “lesser of two evils”; I still need to take an extra step! Yours isn’t even doing that. Please, please PLEASE go back to a single page for an article.

  2. And knowing which airlines/hotels/car rental/cruise companies to either avoid or treat with extraordinary care is more than half the battle, so thanks for helping win the war.

  3. Apparently, having an opinion that differs is akin to being a sworn enemy who must be destroyed. Where have I seen this recently?
    Keep up the good work!

  4. “These companies might as well be saying: “We don’t treat our customers
    well. Go somewhere else!” It’s a clear warning sign, and one you should

    Name, names!

    I have to add that your writing and main points are just so eloquently put. Thank you for the subsequent balanced perspectives!

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