I love a good mystery. You will too.

Have you noticed the recent string of stories about cases that ended in a big question mark? Neither the consumer nor the company responded to repeated requests for an update or a resolution, so we were left to guess the outcome. Read more “I love a good mystery. You will too.”

Why it’s good to have enemies

When I complain about my critics, my father, a retired Presbyterian minister, responds with St. Luke’s words of wisdom. “Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you,” he reminds me, “for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.”

In other words, maybe it’s good to have enemies. Read more “Why it’s good to have enemies”

Why good behavior is your most valuable travel asset

Don’t forget to pack your manners. Not because polite travelers are treated better, but because impolite ones are treated worse.

Much worse, sometimes.
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Maybe good airline service is possible after all

As Juanita Centanni boarded a recent Cayman Airways flight from Tampa to Grand Cayman, she braced herself for an awful travel experience.

She remembered what happened to her on a domestic flight not so long ago, when she was recovering from rotator cuff surgery. Centanni, a retired government employee, wondered if one of the flight attendants could help with her carry-on bag.

“Ask one of the passengers,” the airline employee snapped.

So when a Cayman Airways attendant met her at the door without any prompting, offering to carry her luggage and stow it in the overhead compartment, she couldn’t believe it.

“I was amazed,” she says.
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