Does JetBlue owe her anything for amorous passenger incident?

Sunshine Pics/Shutterstock
Sunshine Pics/Shutterstock
To say that Cristi Mitchell felt uncomfortable on a recent JetBlue Airways flight from Phoenix to Boston might be something of an understatement.

During the redeye flight, an amorous couple seated across from her partner and her 8-year-old son engaged in several sex acts. No need to go into details, but let’s just say they covered every angle.

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“I was shocked and really uncomfortable,” she said. When she mentioned the behavior to a flight attendant, the crewmember tried to stop the copulating passengers.

She recalls,

The woman had her head in the man’s crotch under a blanket. The man said she was claustrophobic. The female flight attendant suggested that they walk around if that was the case, and not trap her under a blanket.

I can tell you that if one of my kids had to watch that spectacle on a plane, I’d be more than a little unhappy. Unfortunately, passenger behaviors are not addressed in JetBlue’s service plan, although most people assume that certain things are, to quote the great philosopher Deltalina, “not allowed” on a plane.

Do they really have to spell it out for you?

Initially, the crew seemed to take the incident seriously. A flight attendant even asked Mitchell if she’d be willing to share “her side of the story” with a supervisor when they landed.

Mitchell says the amorous couple was met by officials in Boston, but is unsure what happened to them. And what happens matters to her. She believes JetBlue could have done more to stop the passengers from doing their thing on the redeye, and wants an apology for having her young son exposed to such adult behaviors.

I can understand that. I think any parent can understand that.

Mitchell wrote a brief note to JetBlue, complaining about the incident. Here’s the response:

We regret hearing the discomfort experienced and can only assure you these matters are taken seriously. When you made your report to our Inflight Crewmember action was taken accordingly. In an effort to protect your identity during the deplaning process and to avoid a potential escalation, only the accused party was questioned.

For confidential and proprietary reasons the outcome of this investigation is not shared with anyone. We trust our crewmembers and local authorities handled this with digression [sic] and any consequences of the alleged incident would not be disclosed.

If your assistance is needed for any reason, someone from JetBlue would reach out accordingly. Although this is unlikely, we do have a manifest with your information and call back numbers should this become necessary.

OK, that’s an acknowledgment that something happened on the flight and a kinda-sorta apology. But Mitchell is still unhappy.

She fired back this angry letter:

I am still not at all OK with the response that I have received. The fact that my rights were infringed upon is wrong. In addition, the fact that the flight attendant approached me two different times to make me ready to speak with a female supervisor that never occurred without explanation or warning was unacceptable.

I find that the decision to hear one side and to come to a conclusion is both irresponsible and quite communist. I am disgusted with the fact that I had no rights or support in this when I was the victim.

What do you think the couple would claim? How dare you have no desire to make what was wrong right, or to actually investigate it. I am even further disgusted with how JetBlue has handled this situation. I have been a long time, loyal client.

That has now ended due to your disrespect, and negligence.

Ah, the old, “I’ll never fly your airline again.” That’s no way to end things.

But what can she reasonably expect from JetBlue, apart from an apology and a promise to investigate? I think an assurance that the couple had been arrested and prosecuted would be a good start. JetBlue might also tell Mitchell in no uncertain terms that such behavior isn’t tolerated on its flights — ever. And it could also apologize to her son, who had to watch the whole unseemly public display of affection.

I’m not sure if there’s anything else JetBlue can do. Or is there?

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87 thoughts on “Does JetBlue owe her anything for amorous passenger incident?

  1. Don’t bother to mediate. It’s pretty clear that JetBlue isn’t willing to give this person the resolution she wants, and that the person has gotten kind of ridiculous in her claims. If I were in JetBlue’s shoes, I’d type a final email saying, “We cannot comment on the actions taken by the other passengers. We are sorry that you and your son were exposed to this. We do not allow such behavior on our flights, but options for correction are limited while flying at 30,000 feet.” And then end it. But really, they’ve kind of already sent that email, so I don’t know that I’d want to continue engaging with an irate customer who cannot be satisfied.

    Oh, and to Ms. Mitchell, I’d like to say a few things:
    -Your “rights” were not violated. Despite what you may think, you do not have a “right” to be undisturbed by anything that does not suit your proclivities. Yes, what the other people did was improper, and probably illegal. But you have no more “right” to be free from exposure to that than you have a “right” to never witness a pickpocket or a mugging in the street. I hope it never happens, but there’s no way that a 3rd party can protect you from seeing it, and you don’t have a “right” to be protected in that way.
    -It’s unfortunate that the investigators did not ask for your side of the story. But they probably didn’t need to — it sure seems as though the Flight Attendant(s) saw plenty of behavior that would allow them to serve as witnesses. And this way, there’s no chance that Joe and Jane Sexalot would harass you (or your son) on the way out of the Terminal, etc.
    -Communist? Really? In what way does the investigator’s lack of interviewing you make the situation similar to a political system in which private property does not exist? I think you’re rather confused and it doesn’t help your case in the least. And to say that they only listened to one side is probably not true–they didn’t listen to YOU, but they very well may have talked with the Flight Attendants.
    -You say you received no support, but you did. The Flight Attendants tried their best to get the behavior to stop. You were supported throughout the uncomfortable situation.

    I know it’s emotionally difficult to deal with an uncomfortable situation like this. But please realize that it is the job of the airline to get you from point A to point B, NOT to make you feel free from discomforting situations/encounters throughout.

    1. Agree that the OP is being unreasonable. Why does the OP care what happened to them? The authorities will arrest, detain or charge the offenders or they will not. What the OP wants doesn’t matter. And really, what is Jet Blue going to do if the offenders aren’t charged?
      Jet Blue – we’d like them arrested.
      Police – well, their side of the story is she was just having a panic attack and being under the blanket made her feel more comfortable.
      Jet Blue – No, we really want them arrested.
      Police – I’m not even sure who would have jurisdiction since it allegedly happend over Oklahoma and we’re the Boston Airport Police.
      Jet Blue – No, we super duper want them arrested.
      Boston Police – We understand that, but we’re not arresting them. Go away.

    2. It’s effectively sexual harassment at that point. And the flight crew could separate the two parties if they feel they are causing a disturbance.

      1. According to the federal regulations:

        Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment

        Unless couple sex-a-lot was trying to entice the OP to join them, or making sexual comments to the OP, I don’t think it was sexual harassment. I think this was more along the lines of a lewd act in public.

  2. I voted no, because, to be honest, they probably cannot tell her ‘these people are being prosecuted’ for legal disclosure reasons. She can watch the papers for information about people going to court for on-plane naked fun times, but I’m pretty sure that there’s no information that JetBlue can give her without risking some legal problems of their own.

    It got referred to the authorities and, well, that’s what JetBlue offically knows. I’d bet that they won’t be flying JetBlue ever again, though.

      1. Having worked for a large corporation, I tend to lean towards the idea that the concept of “say nothing, then no one can misinterpret it” is the ultimate goal of any company’s legal department.

  3. Did she just say “communist?” What? Sounds like the OP is fishing for some freebies she’s not really entitled to.

    You know how I handle lovers on a plane? I pull out my iPad, hold it up to film, and play some porn groove.

    They ALWAYS get the message.

        1. No, but I can lay in the soundtrack later with iMovie. Muwahahahaha.

          Pretending to film while playing some bam-chica-wow-wow music is always enough to embarrass the idiots who are trying to join the mile high club.

          1. I needed a good laugh today. Thank you all, especially the, “you already have the music pre-loaded . . .”.

          2. Just gotta love that one – I would LOVE to fly with Raven in a case like this – just for the laughs!!!!!

    1. LOL. I’m just trying to think of what songs I have that might be considered “porn groove”… Let’s Get It On?… Barry White? Nothing in the 2000’s seems to fit the bill.

      1. There are some songs from the 90’s that will. I’ll Make Love to You by Boyz to Men, I Wanna Sex You Up by Color Me Badd, Let’s Talk About Sex by Salt-N-Pepa and let’s not forget the classic Me So Horny by 2 Live Crew.

        1. lmao – as soon as I read this, “Short —- Man” (20 Fingers feat. Gillette) came to mind… knowing me, I sure would have played that up nice and loud for ’em. lol

          Added: Or worse yet… there’s a chatroom file that I used to hear when I was an AOL chatroom regular… it’s called “Duckjob”… has someone with the Donald Duck voice going “Who’s your daddy… oh yeah… right there…” You might have to Google it to find the file these days, but that would be PERFECT to play from an iPad for those over-amorous “go get a friggin’ room!” moments………..

          1. ROFLMAO!!!! I remember that Duckjob, and it always used to make me laugh. The first time I heard it I was drinking a soda and it came out my nose. I’m familiar with the Gillette song too, I have the whole CD. I was thinking anything by Prince would be good too. Or Nasty Girl by Vanity 6 or Sex Shooter by Apollonia 6. Man, I’ve just realized that I’m perverted that I know all these bow chicka wow wow songs. lol

  4. I was on her side until I read her letter. “Communist?” Really?!?!

    That said, if I were the flight attendant, I would have ripped the blanket off of them, loudly announced what they were doing, and embarrassed the heck out of them in front of everyone. Nothing less than making them stop their behavior immediately was acceptable.

    1. “my God woman, if you are going to do that, at least do it on an adult sized one.” OR:

      “Anyone with a video camera who would like to have their video on – please come to Row 16, Seat A please.”

      End of problem.

  5. at least she didn’t ask for a full refund… lol

    but yeah i voted “no”. this is not a major crime. just because the OP paid money to fly does not mean she is entitled to a 100% perfect flight experience- that can only exist if you own your own plane.

    1. Yeah – I don’t get it when people actually receive services rendered but then ask for a full refund because some aspect of the experience was unsatisfactory. Some people walk out of hotel rooms after seeing their condition. I’ve personally walked out of a movie theater because a couple trying to figure out their assisted listening devices couldn’t figure them out and were yelling to each other. I didn’t get a refund but did get a return ticket valid at any time (and I was watching a bargain matinee).

  6. The fact that my rights were infringed upon is wrong.
    Exactly what rights is she referring to?
    Never mind. It’s April Fools.

    1. That is the problem, is it not? Everyone has these made up rights be cause animals have rights and this group has rights and that group has rights and everyone has these made up rights so that everyone thinks they have rights – rights only exist agains the government. The problem is ignorance. Not rights.

      1. “rights only exist agains the government” — so I don’t have the right not to be murdered by a private citizen? I don’t have right to not have somebody break into my house and steal all my things? I agree that there’s no right here, but rights do not only exist against the government.

        1. Actually, no, you don’t. Those are natural laws – natural laws don’t apply. People kill each other all the time – the right to life exists because someone protects it with the threat of violence.

        2. It seems to me that there are such things as “rights” that are not codified into law, so I disagree that the “natural law” of freedom from being killed isn’t a right. What’s more, that right is codified into laws prohibiting murder. It’s absurd to argue that a human being doesn’t have the right to be free from murder. Again, that does not mean that a human being has a right to be free from seeing other people’s amorous behavior.

  7. When I was flying on Southwest to Denver last summer, one passenger got a little out of control with the FA. She started yelling F* Y* over and over at the FA. She was promptly met by the police upon landing, and was escorted off the plane with the passengers applauding. As far as I was concerned, it was over and handled correctly.

    Imagine my surprise when I recieved an email from “Southwest Airlines Proactive Communications” apologising for the incident and including a $50 voucher! Southwest had done absolutely nothing wrong, yet they still were trying to make things right.

    This case is much more egregious. It certainly wouldn’t hurt JetBlue to offer a voucher as an apology. It seems wrong that the couple would get more protection than the passengers.

    1. We were delayed 3 hours one time on Southwest due to a “suspicious package” incident at the airport, and we were all forced by TSA to get off the plane and be researched.
      The Southwest folks were great, gave us drinks while we waited, extra snacks, and made sure we were all going to get vouchers for a future flight, even though they had nothing to do w/ the problem. If more airlines acted like they gave a crap, there would be far fewer issues.
      Oh yeah, I feel bad for this lady and her kid, but the whole “I’m entitled to compensation” thing is the quickest way for the airline to just walk away and allow her to take her business elsewhere.

  8. “Communist”!?!?! Does the LW even know what communism IS? And what rights, specifically, were violated?

    In any case, JetBlue isn’t kidding… they can’t reveal the results of the investigation; public shaming opens up a proverbial Pandora’s box of very nasty worms. That doesn’t mean they weren’t dealt with harshly.

    And what, precisely, could JetBlue do to “make things right”? We don’t even know what the LW wants. Certainly an apology isn’t going to actually change anything.

    1. Agree this OP is real piece of work, and sadly she has procreated and will pass her lunacy down to another generation, and so the cycle repeats

  9. I wonder if amorous behaviour is motivated by Jetblue’s huge 34-38 inch pitch and getting most value for a blanket that you have to buy from them.

  10. There really isn’t anything to mediate. JetBlue responded and she was not satisfied with the outcome. I don’t think that this case would be a worthwhile use of your time.

  11. I am not sure how much more JetBlue could have done. I think they acted appropriately and there is no need to mediate at this time. I think she is upset because they did not resolve it according to how she wanted.

  12. I’m with many of the others here. The answer is no.

    First, they can’t go back and make the incident go away. Second, the OP is over the top in her response – “communist”, “made me speak with a supervisor” and “my rights were violated”? Seriously?

  13. I needed a good laugh after vacation. Thanks Chris. Sorry for the OP but JetBlue owes you nothing. Sounds like as soon as you told them what was going on, they stopped it. Did you ever stop to consider that the couple may have owned up to what they were doing and the airline didn’t need your info or possibly what the FAs saw was enough to have the couple banned?
    JetBlue doesn’t owe you anything. If something occurring on their airplane, outside their control which they stopped when alerted to, is enough for you to end you loyalty, you weren’t very loyal in the first place.

    Now if you want to go after the couple, have at it but I think your attorney will laugh at you.

  14. Everyone here seems to have missed a huge point in this issue – that this woman was legally a crime victim with rights. Those people were putting on a public sex show in front of her minor child, for which they can and should be prosecuted. They should also be facing additional charges specific to the child’s presence such as endangerment of a minor. This means that the woman, as the minor’s legal representative, has rights under the law to information about what happened to these people. Do I agree with her attitude in her communication with Jet Blue? No, she got a little crazy pulling out such terms as “communist” and threatening to never fly them again. But she does need to make sure they honor her legal standing as a crime victim. Which is why I voted to have Chris mediate. She may be crazy – but she does have some important rights that they are ignoring.

    1. Nancy N. – We can argue if she has standing… Her child might but I’m not aware of any federal law where an adult witnessing what maybe a sex act (remember that it was covered) has legal standing as a victim.

      If her child does have standing, her place of recourse is with the Boston Airport Police or the FBI (it’s probably a federal crime since it happened while airborne). It doesn’t seem that she ever acted in a manner that we expect victims to. She didn’t find the first law enforcement officer after getting off the flight or ask JetBlue to page one.
      I’m sorry but this screams money grab to me. It doesn’t scream “I was victimized and the people need to be punished.”

    2. A question I have is if this is prosecutable then when anyone makes out in public, they too can be fined/prosecuted when a minor sees it? Have you been out in public lately, there are PDAs everywhere and the courts would be even more busy than they already are.

      I am not sure where she was a victim? Unless they were being really really loud, could she not have ignored it, put on a movie, closed her eyes and made sure her son had something to do to occupy him? The OP says that she, her partner, and 8 yr old son were across from them, put the son in the window seat and give him whatever activity you brought along, put on your headphones and be happy. I do not condone the behavior on a plane and would be upset if a child witnessed it, but apart from the FA confronting them, which a FA did, what other action does the airline owe her?

      As for the airline being able to say anything about whether or not there was prosecution, it may not have been up to the airline. And until/unless a name appears in a grand jury indictment, many times this is not public information.

      Since we did not get all the details, I am unsure of what criminal activity these people committed.

  15. I think she deserves a refund or voucher. Most people commenting think this is somewhat comical, but there is a child involved and that is when emotions run high. I would be furious if my child had to witness this. I would demand to be reseated and speak with someone upon landing. It is not okay for kids to be exposed to that type of behavior.

    1. Since when does “emotions run high” merit a refund? Emotions are a personal reaction, rarely a legal one. Yes, the couple’s actions were unacceptable behavior, but I find the OP’s over-the-top name calling and unreasonable demands equally so.

    2. If said kids was “exposed” to their behaviour for more than a few minutes, the mother is not doing her job as parent ! Many way to have you child look elsewhere …
      Plus, what is there to see under a blanket but a few movements : either the kid already knows what it is they are doing, or he’ll just have no idea of what is happening !

  16. Three questions: If the child was sitting on the other side of the mother from the couple across the aisle in a darkened plane and under a blanket just how much would he see? How many 8 yr olds are awake on a red eye flight? Unless she was intend on watching them in what way did they REALLY disturb her?

  17. What does she want? She told the airline, they contacted authorities. Done deal.

    It’s a no from me. She seems to be fishing.

    Communist? ARYKMRN?

  18. Oh, please. It was tacky and gross, but unless the FA’s sat in the lap of the man to stop the activity, I’m not sure what they could do.

    I’ve written on here (or consumertraveler) before about an experience I had in 2010 on a Delta flight.

    It was 9/11, and I had a flight around 9 am – I was heading home because my mother’s cancer had become terminal; I was going home to help and just be there. I was, to put it mildly, emotional, and was doing a decent job of holding it in, but it took most of my concentration. Since I booked the flight last minute, I couldn’t get a direct flight to DCA from MSP – I was on a flight to ATL with a connection later in the day. My seat was in the back row of a plane in the window seat, so essentially wedged into the back corner of the plane. Everybody’s favorite seat! 😉

    I sat down, and shortly afterwards, a German couple in their 50’s sat down next to me (I recognize German but don’t speak it). We made some “Hi, nice to meet you” pantomime, and I was actually relieved there was a language barrier – I wasn’t in a place for small talk.

    I was just staring out the window, trying not to cry (or scream – hot plane, long boarding process – pretty much all came from the same place). Once we got to cruising altitude, the FA’s left the galley and trundled down the aisle to start beverage service. And then things got odd. Out of the corner of my eye I could see some jerking movement and heard some odd noises. I thought, perhaps, there was a medical emergency (I was thinking stroke or heart attack), and turned towards my seatmates. To find the woman had her shirt and bra mostly off and the man’s pants were unzipped and wide open. They were necking, each with one hand around the other, with her free hand in his pants and his free hand in her bra (or what was still on her chest).

    I was just stunned – this was not a red eye, there were no blankets. They were just going at it like horny teenagers at 9:30 am on a fully booked plane. As I looked up, I could see the people across the aisle turned towards their windows with magazines and newspapers held high. The few people waiting in line for the lavatories were contorting themselves to not look (yet keep their balance in the narrow aisle).

    As for me? Normally, I would have said something – not even bothered with the FA’s. However, I had one non-emotional thought: I just wanted to yell at these people. At 9:30 am. On 9/11 on a half-way-across-the-country flight. And I was quite sure there that if there wasn’t an air marshal on the plane at the very least, the flight crew and FA’s were NOT going to tolerate a screaming, hysterical woman.

    I just turned fully into my window, thanked god my iPod was in my pocket, jammed the earbuds in my ears and cranked it up. A few merciful minutes later, it ended. The couple stopped, readjusted their clothes, and acted as if nothing had happened. It was utterly surreal.

    It actually was a little bit good for me. It shook me up enough I wasn’t near tears for the rest of my journey. And as I had a few hour layover in ATL, I entertained my mother with the story. (I also entertained the people sitting around me in the SkyClub, who asked me to tell the story again after I finished talking to my Mom.) My Dad said later he hadn’t seen her laugh that hard in weeks. So, silver lining.

    But you know what never occurred to me? To blame the airline. Even if I had called the FA’s, what could they have done? They weren’t going to immediately separate them, and on a full flight, there was nowhere to reseat them anyway. All they could do was ask them to stop, and they couldn’t babysit them and tend to the rest of the plane.

        1. No. FA can ask a passenger to switch seats with another passenger. By “ask,” I mean, “make,” since you have to follow crew-member instructions.

          1. Then why does Chris has so many cases where people want to sit together and the FA says they can not make people move seats?

  19. I think Jet Blue should have been a little clearer and kinder in their letter. Perhaps saying something like, We are so sorry this happened on your flight, this is inappropriate and we deeply apologize for what you experienced. We assure you the proper authorities are dealing with the other passengers, etc. Jet Blue has shared information with the authorities on your behalf and they will reach out to you if you need any more information, etc. Basically the same thing they said, but written in a nicer tone. That’s what I think they should have done. And I would hope that would have made the OP feel better. I do agree that it was appropriate for Jet Blue to protect the OPs privacy so the copulating couple would not lash out at them.

    As far as the OP, what exactly is she asking them to do? They did sort of apologize, but it was half hearted. So she calls them Communists? I just don’t get her logic here and think her last letter pretty much assured Jet Blue won’t talk to her anymore. I don’t understand where the victim mentality and her rights being violated came into this. I would not want my child to see that either, but you can tell your child not to look and that they are bad people and put them in the window so they cant see it. I don’t see how an airline can be responsible for the action of its passengers. Its employees, yes, but the passengers have their own free will and do not copulate on behalf of Jet Blue. I have seen much worse things on buses and the bus drivers could care less. At least jet Blue did something about it.

    I am not sure what the OP did on the plane, but what I would have done is asked the couple to stop doing this in front of my child. If they continued I would have asked quite loudly and rang for a flight attendant. If it continued I would have asked to be re-seated or stay in the galley for the flight. I would hope that the flight attendants would have put an end to it, and it sounds like they tried. But if the bad passengers don’t comply with the flight attendants, and the flight attendants have the authorities meet them at the gate, how much blame can really be blamed on Jet Blue? They did what they could, could they have tried harder? Maybe, maybe not. But I think the bad couple is the one the OP should be going after, not Jet Blue.

  20. The second I read “my rights were infringed upon,” I stopped caring. Yet another “I want something I don’t deserve” OP.

  21. Cristi should not have used the “I’ll never fly…” closing in her letter. With her judgmental attitude and sense of entitlement, there is a job waiting for her at one of the big carriers, perhaps as Rule Maker-Upper. I bet she wields a mean yardstick.

  22. She lost me at the “communist” remark. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak… your words are your choice, so choose them wisely.

    Question though… was there an option for her and her son to switch seats, so that he wouldn’t have witnessed the porn show in progress? My mom used to distract me whenever we’d fly, mostly because I was one over-inquisitive kid and had no trouble asking questions to whatever stranger was nearby. Most people I know, when flying on planes with their children, will have enough with them to distract and/or entertain the kids for the duration of the flight.

    Not sure I’d recommend mediating.. mostly since JetBlue made it clear in their response that it was not going to go much further. If the OP really wants to do anything worthwhile with this – she needs to turn it into a learning experience for when her son has questions.

  23. So two people are committing lewd acts next to you . . . how is that possible for your son to see? There are only three seats in a row. I cannot see what is going on in the row next to me – if your son is sitting next to these folks you change seats and voila problem solved- at least for the kid.

    Moving on, this the result of the destruction of morality and shame in society. Everything is ok so therefore it is ok everywhere. I’m sure JB has passenger conduct language in the its COC – which means the FA simply tells them to stop,. If they refuse, you call the police at the destination and if the conduct is sufficiently egregious you call the captain who brings out the flexicuffs and puts an end to their ‘interaction.’

    Other than that- what is JetBlue going to do? They have two choices – call for the police at the destination and have them arrested for interfering with a flight crew and refusing to comply with directions, or, they land, and are three hours late into Boston., perhaps not even getting to Boston due to crew service and rest rules.

    I’d like the OP to tell me – wtf do you want them to do? What they did – landing in Boston and having the lovers taken off separately in custody or landing short of Boston and having them taken off and then maybe or maybe not getting to Boston that day?

    If I’m JetBlue or any other airline that threatens this kind of drama, I would offer them their money back if they signed an agreement to never set foot on one of our airplanes ever again. The entitlement and over the top reactions of people – and the belief that the world revolves around them – is just not astonishing anymore.

  24. Don’t mediate. One simple reason: I don’t believe her. Some of that may be Chris’s fault. I understand that this is a “family blog,” but without knowing what the passengers actually did, it’s hard to know if what they were doing was actually inappropriate. I’ve certainly seen people put their head in their spouses lap–even under a blanket–on a plane and they were doing nothing wrong. Considering the “quite communist” line in her letter (which makes no sense at all), I think this is a hysterical passenger who thought she saw something she didn’t, got super-angry, and is now telling a tale that supports her borderline-delusions.

  25. If this had been posted a day earlier I would think it was an April Fools joke. It’s just gotten totally ridiculous the number of things that people think the airlines “owe” them something for. Would an apology remove the memory from her son’s brain? Or do anything of consequence? And since when are people protected by law from “seeing” offensive things anywhere in the world? I hope she never takes a young child to Las Vegas or New York.

  26. Seems there were several things JetBlu could have done to solve the problem but didn’t. Makes me think there’s a little more to the story of such extreme outrage about the conduct of someone across the aisle.

  27. We live in such a litigious society; I wouldn’t be surprised if this lady sued Jet Blue. Her position is so ludicrous that my mind runs to farcical thoughts: Perhaps she owes Jet Blue tuition money for the education her son received? She didn’t mention, but I wonder if her son was 30 years old? Perhaps even she learned something… a new…(oh, I’m not going there).

    I can envision an old person crying bitterly and Mrs. M would have to witness such sadness, or even a fellow traveler suffering the worst case of air sickness. I’m sure she
    would feel Jet Blue should have saved her and her son from witnessing such distress.

    What pray tell, would she think would be the just compensation she expected Christopher to extract?

  28. I have re-read this several times. Nothing said about the flight being full. Why didn’t she just ask to have herself and her son seated elsewhere? This is a culmination and head-on collision of an overactive sense of entitlement and desire to enforce ones morals on others on the part of Cristi and the complete disrespect for dignity and demeanor as well as self-centeredness on the part of the amorous couple. The result was a train-wreck at 35,000 feet where there were apparently no winners, but plenty of butthurt to go around. Honestly, why didn’t she just ask to be seated elsewhere when faced with this great moral panic of our time? The couple should have been arrested for indecent exposure, and perhaps corrupting the morals of a minor, which probably, because of an aircraft and state lines being involved, would have gone federal.

    1. Indecent exposure of a blanket over someone’s head (which lays where it shouldn’t, but that’s another subject) … Not sure how that would come out !!!…

      1. I got from the article that there was a lot more exposed stuff going on. Maybe you read it differently…

  29. I would have stood up with a camera and used the light on my phone to film the entire ordeal with interspersed shouts of “that’s it, work it” and “The camera loves you” and then told the couple that they would be able to see the video after I sold it to Vivid Entertainment for a profit!

  30. Whatever the intent of the OP is, her rights were violiated. I’m not sure where you all get the idea that passengers have no rights on a plane. Do you seriously think you have to accept ANY type of behavior from other passengers? So if Mr Sex-a-Lot pulls down his pants and waves his unit in the kid’s face you just have to sit there and take it? You may have to put up with things that are considered annoying or aggravating, but you do not have to – and should not – stand for any act that is deemed illegal. BTW: for the ignorant amongst us, the authorities at the arrival terminal have jurisdiction over the initial complaint until determined otherwise.

  31. This woman sounds extremely strange. All right, so she’s semi-literate. But “communist”! Anyway, she could have closed her eyes.

  32. Perhaps there is another way to turn this OPs experience into and advantage. I checked the government’s Passenger Bill of Rights website and located the complaint information here:

    Wouldn’t it be better for all if this incident sparked a law, rule, or “right” specifying what behavior is acceptable? I understand the comments here about changing seats, and “so what”, but given that we are restricted to a small space for a few hours SOME standards are needed, yes?

    Would this be accepted at a basketball game? Or in a museum?

    Just a thought …

  33. The flight attendant could have used the overhead bin door to grab a blanket and give some privacy to the couple thus preventing the 8 y/o from witnessing it. I think the mother could have done some things to block the visualization by the 8 y/o. The couple were obviously acting inappropriately. If pictures were taken, then indecent exposure might have been able to be used for some prosecution, but if there was no indecent exposure, then no law borken.

  34. If I’d have been the OP, I’d have whipped out my camera and started taping them. Then they’d have had the option of stopping, or havnig their tryst broadcast across the internet for all the world to see.

  35. I agree that what the couple did was wrong although I don’t think that airline could have done any more than they did. I think the story needs to end there, the writer made a valid point now she should move on.

  36. It strikes me funny that the advertisement in this blog post is for a rehab facility and states “Defeat Sex Addiction”! Indeed…

    I think the lady should get a voucher. If that had happened to me I would have been pissed. The FAs could certainly have stopped the hanky panky, they’ve been trained for these types of situations. If you can be arrested for doing it in a public place, you shouldn’t be able to do it without penalty on an airplane. I love the idea of filming it, or pretending to, with the bow chicka bow wow music playing. Haha, I would totally do that.

  37. I think JetBlue and other airlines should learn how to deal with these things. They need to stop it when it is happening and not ignore it and then pretend to do something about it afterwards.

  38. I would have taken a picture of the couple and told them that if they didn’t stop I would continue to take pictures and post them online. How much would like to bet that they stopped what they were doing .

  39. My true story: Years ago my husband, 7 year old daughter and I were on a Club Med flight from the Caribbean. Part way through the flight I noticed a lot of activity on a forward seat — 3 people under a blanket. No one seemed disturbed but me, so I went up and said BLUNTLY: “I don’t care who you ****, or why, but my young daughter is here and I have to explain this to her.” They glared at me. I went back and my daughter asked what was wrong. I said: “You remember, we have discussed sex (and we had) and it is usually between two people.” My daughter, in her precocious wisdom went back to her coloring book and said: “Oh, my, they were having an orgy.” I never batted an eye. Yes, she was quite precocious, but handled it correctly. When the “trio” exited the plane they went their separate ways — seemed to be just a “chance encounter.”

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