My Samsung refrigerator doesn’t work — and they’re keeping my money!

Despite two in-home repairs, Maximiliano Jimenez’s Samsung refrigerator doesn’t work. What’s more, Best Buy won’t refund the $1,460 it promised. Is there a way to fix this?


I recently bought a Samsung French Door Refrigerator at Best Buy. The refrigerator didn’t work. After two repairs, Best Buy suggested that I return the refrigerator for a refund.

We set a time for the pickup, but Best Buy called to reschedule the pickup of the refrigerator, promising to deliver the new one at the same time.

Now, Best Buy is refusing to refund the refrigerator value. Even though they picked it up, the company claims the damaged refrigerator never made it to the warehouse.

Two Best Buy representatives picked up the old refrigerator when they delivered the new one. Can you help me get the $1,460 refund Best Buy promised? — Maximiliano Jimenez, Richardson, Texas


If your Samsung refrigerator doesn’t work, and Best Buy promised you a refund, then you should receive every last penny of that $1,460.

I’m trying to think of ways you could have prevented this. Demanded a receipt for the faulty refrigerator? Taken pictures of workers hauling away the old unit, maybe?

Who would even think to do something like that? Not me.

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The Samsung warranty covers your refrigerator, but as far as I can tell, it doesn’t provide for no-questions-asked exchanges. It only covers one year of parts and labor and five years on the sealed refrigeration system. Best Buy also offers an enhanced warranty that promises it will fix it or replace it, which is kind of funny. Shouldn’t they be doing that in the first place when your Samsung refrigerator doesn’t work?

In reviewing your correspondence, I can’t determine what went wrong with your refrigerator or what kind of warranty you had. That’s just as well. Best Buy promised to return the refrigerator for a refund. Then it apparently lost the refrigerator.

How do you lose a refrigerator? Come on, Best Buy.

Executive contacts for Best Buy are on my consumer advocacy site. I also have higher-level contacts for Samsung. I also have a complete guide to a Samsung refund that you might find helpful.

It looks as if you tried a few things to fix this, including threatening to call an attorney, the police, and the Texas Attorney General. That’s an understandable reaction, but in the end, it impedes a speedy resolution.

Lawyering up will only get your case referred to Best Buy’s legal department, where it will sit until you actually file a lawsuit. It’s better to try a brief, polite appeal to an executive in writing.

I contacted Best Buy about the Samsung refrigerator that doesn’t work. It refunded your $1,460, as promised.


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