Oops! Enterprise Rent-A-Car sends customer the wrong bill

Here’s a problem that would seem easy to fix on paper, but is much more difficult in practice: Last summer, Anthony Buono began getting bills from Enterprise for toll violations. Bills he didn’t recognize. And for good reason — they weren’t his.

You’d think a quick phone call or a polite email to Enterprise would clear this up. But no, he received more invoices for the toll violations.

Buono explains:

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Last July, I received a notice from Enterprise Rent-A-Car stating that a toll violation occurred on a vehicle which was rented to me at the time of the violation. Enterprise provided the Issuing Agency (NJ EZPass) with my information and transferred liability for the ticket directly to me.

Here is the problem: I did not rent this vehicle from Enterprise.

I am 100 percent certain of this fact as I have not rented a vehicle from Enterprise since 2008.

I contacted Enterprise about this matter and came to discover that another person with the same name as me actually rented this vehicle at the time the toll violation occurred. I do have an account with Enterprise as I had rented from them often in the past for business purposes. So perhaps when they wrote up the contract for this rental they used my info instead of that of the actual renter.

Tom from Enterprise said he spoke with John Williams from EZ Pass violations and that the matter would be resolved, but it hasn’t been. I have followed up with them several times but to no avail.

To compound the situation, NJ EZPass has since sent me three more notices for additional toll violations as it has me on record as the renter of this vehicle and responsible for these violations.

I have disputed these violations several times (phone calls, emails, faxes and written notices sent via mail) with NJ EZPass but they have rejected them due to “insufficient evidence.” NJ EZPass continues to send me notices and I cannot convince them that I am responsible for these violations. In addition to the amount of the tolls, they are assessing a $25 administrative fee for each violation and have sent further notices of intent to refer to collection.

Can you do anything to help me? Or at least tell me what to do to get this resolved?

EZPass’ terms and conditions don’t address this type of situation. And besides, if Enterprise reported Buono to EZPass, I think it needs to be the one to un-report him.

I contacted Enterprise on his behalf, and within a week, the company got EZPass off his back.

But what if I hadn’t been around to help? Buono sent me all of his correspondence, and I noticed that it was all by mail and phone. A brief, polite email may have been more effective. Here are some Enterprise contacts.

Beyond that, appealing to the higher-ups at EZPass might have worked. But I wouldn’t have counted on it.