What’s so wrong about travel “hacking”?


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What’s so wrong about travel “hacking”? I’ll tell you in my USA Today column. Please don’t forget to leave a comment and share this important column with your friends.

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Phrases that make travel worse. I’m working on a story about phrases that are accepted as conventional wisdom in the travel business, but actually make the travel experience worse. Among them: “Want first class? Buy first class!” “You get what you pay for” and “No waivers, no favors.” Have you ever heard these phrases used to justify receiving reduced service or no service when you’re on the road? Have you heard any other phrases like it? And is there a better phrase to describe the same concept that people should use instead? Here’s my email address.

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New videos! I have a series of new clips from my YouTube channel. I answer questions like: Should I book my trip directly? Also, when should you apply for a passport? Find out everything you ever wanted to know about agency commissions, but were afraid to ask. Check them out!

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