Why did you copy me on that?

Svana Friðriksdóttir doesn’t know me, but I know her.

Or, to be more exact, I know what her airline is accused of doing.

And how’s that? Because one of WOW Air’s customers, Steve Depetris, sent an email to Friðriksdóttir, the airline’s chief information officer, and copied me on it.

I get copied on all kinds of correspondence. Some of it is interesting and informative, but some of it is just plain crazy. If you spend part of your day on the internet like I do, then you get copied on a lot of stuff, too.

Let us commiserate, then.

“I am also asking you to understand the horrible experience I had on Flight 161 from Keflavik, Iceland, to San Francisco,” he wrote. “WOW moved me from Seat 1K to Seat 47G without explanation or recourse, despite the fact that I had booked this seat six months earlier and paid the extra fee for it.”

That separated Depetris from his son sitting in 3K. “They did absolutely nothing to fix the problem, despite my many requests,” he says.


Why did he copy me on the lengthy email, detailing one shortcoming after another? “I copied you to alert you,” he later said.

Consider me alerted.

Tom Harriman, a regular letter-writer, copied me on his back-and-forth between him and Avis after he saw a surprise $47 bill on his credit card. Why? He’d been billed in dollars for a rental in France, an arrangement which he never asked for and which did him absolutely no good, since he would still have to pay a foreign exchange fee on his credit card.

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“Thanks for recognizing that pretending that customers want to be billed in dollars when they specifically ask to pay in euros is a predatory practice,” he wrote. “I enjoyed renting a great big black Mercedes from you, the service was great and then you try to jack me for another fifty bucks on a six hundred dollar rental. Dumb. You know, there is a company called Hertz if I want to rent a nice expensive car in Europe again.”

Why send the email to me? So that I know what Avis did. And now I do.

Sometimes, readers copy me because it helps their case. Other times, because they want me to know. But still other times … who knows?

Regina Rosa sends me emails like these on a regular basis:

Trump Qualifications for POTUS–NOT A JOKE!!

Obama is against Trump
The Media is against Trump
The establishment Democrats are against Trump
The establishment Republicans are against Trump
The Pope is against Trump
The UN is against Trump
The EU is against Trump
China is against Trump
Mexico is against Trump
Soros is against Trump
Black Lives Matter is against Trump
MoveOn.Org is against Trump
Koch Bro’s are against Trump
Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump

Bonus points

Cher says she will leave the country
Mylie Cyrus [sic] says she will leave the country
Whoopi says she will leave the country
Rosie says she will leave the country
Al Sharpton says he will leave the country
Gov. Brown says California will build a wall

Sounds like the kinda president the US needs!!! Go Trump!

Uh, whatever.

Crazy comes in all shapes and sizes. Most of the wacko political emails I get, I can’t share with you. Because they’re wacko, that’s why.

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I really don’t mind you sharing your emails with me, regardless of your political persuasion. But remember, you’re talking to a journalist and your emails are on the record, unless you say otherwise. Are you listening, Regina?

Speaking of politics, anyone care to guess who I’m voting for in November?

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