Her Hotwire deal was a big disappointment! Can she get a refund?

Nikki McKinnis played Hotel Roulette — and lost. Hotel roulette? You know that game of chance. It’s booking lodging through Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” or Hotwire’s “Hot Rates,” where, if your requested price is met, you get a hotel room but without a choice of lodging provider. So you’re either going to be excited about getting a great deal at a nice hotel, or, in this case, disappointed.

I already have auto insurance, so why is Europcar forcing me to buy it for my car rental?

When Allison Blake rents a car through Hotwire for her trip to Mexico, she is forced to purchase auto insurance coverage even though she already has it through Allianz. Can our advocates persuade Hotwire to refund Blake the cost of the insurance she didn’t need?

National overbooked and left me stranded in Mexico with no car

When Robert Segal and his wife planned their Mexican vacation, they reserved an SUV from National Car Rental through Hotwire. But when they arrived at the National rental facility in Mexico City to pick up the car, they found that there was no SUV available for them to drive off the lot. National had “oversold” its vehicle inventory.

Why should I pay for my stay in a bedbug-infested hotel?

When Julia Ingle books a four-day stay at a Days Inn in San Antonio through Hotwire.com, she isn’t expecting a broken box spring, bloodstained sheets and bedbugs. But that’s exactly what she gets. What she doesn’t get is a refund from Days Inn. Can our advocates help her get compensated for what she got?

Mugged and bugged in Paris — hey Hotwire, where’s my refund?

Rob Faunce’s trip to Paris is one he’ll remember – for all the wrong reasons.

First he was mugged. Then his room was infested with bedbugs. And to add insult to actual injury, although the hotel staff expressed sympathy for Faunce, they sent him back to Hotwire when he asked for compensation. And yes — Hotwire refused to issue Faunce a refund.

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