I recently returned from a nine-day trip to Cancun, Mexico. I booked a car rental through Hotwire.com, with Europcar for $9.80 a day.

Snared by the Mexican insurance scam

Gordon Houston is offered a $9.80-a-day rate for a rental car in Mexico. But an agent refuses to rent the car to him without insurance, which more than doubles the price of the vehicle. Now neither his agent, nor the rental company, will refund the difference. Is he stuck with the bill?

Their first outbound flight was a codeshare flight operated by United. Flight was delayed and they had to purchase new tickets.

One airline ticket for the price of two?

Llouellynde Orahood’s flight from Los Angeles to Dallas has all the makings of a trip from hell, including weather delays, cancellations and almost-missed flights. What could be worse? Having to pay again for the same tickets. Now, neither the airlines nor her online travel agency is willing to help her recover the money she should have never had to spend. Is there any hope for a refund?