The Retail Equation and how it protects merchants against serial returners

When Mahitha Sadhanala recently headed to CVS to make some returns, he wasn’t expecting any problems. So it came as a shock when the cashier firmly refused to accept the items. When he asked for an explanation, she referred him to something called The Retail Equation.

Like Sadhanala, you may have never heard of The Retail Equation. But if you frequently make retail returns, your name and information about your shopping patterns may already be stored in this nationwide database.

That was not me smoking marijuana at the Hampton Inn!

Kentrel Thompson was accused of smoking marijuana at the Hampton Inn during a recent visit. According to the hotel, after “Mr. Thompson” left, the room needed to be professionally cleaned to get rid of the marijuana smell.

There are some problems with the accusation: Thompson isn’t a man, and she says she was not smoking anything in her room.

I nearly froze in my Florida VRBO rental! Can I get a refund?

When an unexpected cold-snap threatened Nora Allen’s plans for a semitropical getaway, she tried to make the best of it. That is until she discovered the nonfunctional heating system in her VRBO rental. She tolerated the plummeting indoor temperature for several days before she finally abandoned the condo. So why won’t VRBO refund her money?

Lured by a $200 Southwest Chase Visa credit. So where is it?

The Southwest Chase Visa credit offer Valerie Schreck saw looked too good to be true, as affinity credit card offers often do.

Apply for the card now, the pop-up on promised her, and she could save $200 on her flight.

She applied for the card, only to discover the offer was too good to be true. The $200 credit never showed up.