Carnival Cruise Line said no, but she said yes.

She said yes, but Carnival Cruise Line said no

A Carnival cruise to Mexico’s scenic Yucatán Peninsula seemed like the perfect occasion for Jordan Brungardt to propose to his girlfriend. But before he popped the question, he consulted with an onboard photographer about capturing the moment when he hoped she would say “yes.”

Read the fine print on your travel insurance policy.

Why you should always, always read the fine print on a travel insurance policy

Before Bonnie Solberg booked a South Dakota vacation, she thought travel insurance might be a good idea. It was.

An even better idea: reading the fine print on her travel insurance policy before she bought it.

Solberg’s tragic story is a case study in policies that look great at first glance. But a closer examination of the fine print reveals that they may not protect you when you need them most.

Rentalcars didn't give him the full picture.

He found a great rate on But then he signed the Europcar contract

John Mardall signed a Europcar contract that added $135 to his car rental bill in England. He wishes he hadn’t. He shouldn’t have. But he did.

Mardall’s case is a cautionary tale about car rental agreements and the difference between a quote and a contract. It is also a frustrating exercise in “gotcha” travel pricing from which there is no easy way out, at least for him.