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Samuel Lord and George Washington Taylor founded their store in 1826 on Catherine Street in Manhattan, New York. The company originally sold women’s hosiery, cashmere shawls, and women’s clothing. The store moved several times over the years; to Broadway at Grand in 1861, the later to a cast iron building at Broadway and 20th Street. In 1914, the company moved, and made their headquarters, on 5th Avenue, the first store to open on what would become the infamous 5th Avenue. The company also made headlines when they appointed the first female to head a retail establishment in 1945, Dorothy Shaver. Today, Lord & Taylor has grown to more than 50 locations across the U.S. Each store is uniquely designed and has a distinctive blend of both classical and contemporary elements. Lord & Taylor offers luxury women’s clothing, handbags, shoes, belts, and accessories. The company offers personal shoppers, restaurants, and personal attention from sales associates.

250 Vesey St Fl 22
New York, NY 10281 - 1064

Phone Contacts

Main: (212) 391-3344
Customer Service: 1-800-223-7440

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Executive Contacts

Primary Contact
Lisa Fuller
Call Center Director
250 Vesey St Fl 22
New York, NY 10281 - 1064

Secondary Contact
Garth Simpson
Regional Business Operations Director
250 Vesey St Fl 22
New York, NY 10281 - 1064

Chief Executive
Elizabeth Rodbell
President, Lord & Taylor
250 Vesey St Fl 22
New York, NY 10281 - 1064


What others have to say about Lord & Taylor

As head of the 50-unit Lord & Taylor and its sister store, the 90-unit Canadian chain Hudson’s Bay, Ms. Rodbell has been implementing new initiatives designed to attract younger generations at a time when the department-store space is rife with competition and souring sales. Efforts like Design Lab, a Lord & Taylor area that houses contemporary brands (many of them New York-based), are paying off: Parent company Hudson’s Bay, which also owns Saks, logged $7.8 billion in revenue in 2014 and is on track to hit between $8.1 billion and $8.4 billion 2015.

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Last updated: August 30, 2018.

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