Dollar hit me with $255 in administrative fees

Garry Woessner rents a car, but turns down the offer of renting an electronic toll pass. You can see how much this misstep cost him. How do you keep toll authorities from making it “E-Z” to overcharge you, and how can we help Woessner appeal the charges?

Yes, a scratch on your rental car will be an “issue” — an expensive one

How much should you trust what a car rental employee says when you’re told a scratch on the vehicle won’t be an issue? Jason Puerner learns the hard way that the employee’s spoken assurance won’t protect you from a big repair bill.

He sold his “lemon,” but he still wants Chrysler to pay his damages

After purchasing a defective vehicle and trading it in at a loss, Edward Keucher expected fair compensation. He wants Chrysler to reimburse him, but that isn’t going to happen. This is a good lesson in why you should always act quickly if you are seeking compensation, and keep the evidence handy. Here’s why.

Car trouble? We can help you with that, too.

This past September, Jim Crowly’s 2011 Dodge Ram needed servicing as indicated by an illuminated “check engine light.” He brought it to Jim Fletcher Dodge in Sherwood, Ariz. What followed was a series of miscommunications, wrongly ordered parts, unanswered questions and mechanic changes that left his truck still in the shop two months later.

Are false wear-and-tear claims a “profit center” for car rental companies?

Reviews for the German car rental agency Sixt on the online review sites Yelp and TripAdvisor fall into two distinct categories. One category consists of four-star and five-star reviews, loaded with praise for the professionalism of its staff and the excellence of its cars. These reviews are the ones Sixt itself touts on its website.

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