It’s been an incredible year for consumer advocacy. Here are a few numbers that’ll blow you away.

It’s been an incredible year for consumer advocacy. Beyond what anyone could have imagined.

My advocacy team and I are shocked by this year’s numbers — but in a good way. We’ve welcomed more visitors to the site, come to the aid of more readers, and had more help from you, our valued supporters.

In short, it’s been the best year ever.

I probably can’t help these customers, but should I still try?

paris2If you knew you were a consumer advocate but knew you probably couldn’t help a consumer, what would you say?

For example, if you heard from someone like Donna Hamilton, who is looking for a refund on French taxes, how would you respond?

Hamilton made two purchases on her credit card in Paris last year. You can get your French “value-added” tax refunded if you’re leaving the country, and there are several services that help you, refunding the purchase directly to your credit card.