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Sony is a multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Sony’s business includes consumer and professional electronics, gaming, entertainment and financial services.

How to reach a person at Sony

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What you need to know about Sony

We receive occasional complaints about Sony. Here’s a case where a reader’s laptop breaks, but it’s not covered by the extended warranty. Also, this customer sent in their laptop for repairs, but received it back in a worse condition.

How to resolve a problem with Sony

This guide on how to solve a customer service problem will help you resolve most problems with the company. You can also refer to the executive contacts below or contact our advocacy team directly.

Note: If you’re having customer service trouble, please use our proven methods for fixing any consumer problem before contacting a manager.

Sony mailing address

25 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

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Sony executive customer service contacts

Primary Contact
Cheryl Goodman
Vice President of Corporate Communications
25 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
[email protected]

Secondary Contact
Mike Fasulo
President and COO Sony Electronics
25 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
[email protected]

Chief Executive
Kenichiro Yoshida
President and CEO
1-7-1 Konan
Tokyo, Japan 108-0075
[email protected]

Also try:

Kazuo Hirai, Chairman, [email protected].

Frequently asked questions about Sony

The Sony Corporation of America, abbreviated as SCA, is the American division of the Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony.

Professional repair services can fix common issues with Sony TVs such as power supply failures, HDMI port malfunctions, software glitches, overheating, disk drive issues, and controller sync problems.

Sony Corporation of America is headquartered at 25 Madison Avenue, New York, NY.

The current chairman, president, and CEO of Sony Corporation is Kenichiro Yoshida.

To claim your Sony warranty in the U.S., follow the instructions provided in the warranty card accompanying your product or contact Sony support at (212) 833-6800 for assistance.

No, Sony is a Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with a strong presence in the U.S.

Sony has made several notable acquisitions over the years, including Columbia Pictures, CBS Records, and Ericsson, which formed Sony Ericsson.

Sony established its U.S. headquarters in New York City in 1960.

The mailing address for Sony Corporation of America is 25 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010.

How to get professional help with your Sony problem

If you need help with Sony, you can contact our advocacy team or just click the "Get Help" button. For immediate assistance, you can also send us a message on our Facebook group. Note: We do not charge for our advocacy.

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