Why won’t Sears refund my canceled order now?

Greg Johnson is frustrated. After waiting for months for a new refrigerator from Sears, he finally gave up and canceled the appliance. Now he’s been waiting for Sears to send his refund for almost as long. Can we help?


I ordered a refrigerator from Sears three months ago. The appliance was delayed multiple times. Last month, I decided to cancel the order. I’ve had many phone calls with Sears since then, and I’ve been hung up on multiple times. Through the online chat feature, I never get anyone outside of a bot.

Sears has yet to refund the $1,641 it owes me for the canceled order. Unfortunately, I used my debit card instead of a credit card. Can you help me get my money back? — Greg Johnson, Blackwood, N.J.

How can I get a shuttle refund without getting scammed?

Maureen DiNafo canceled her vacation to Italy during the pandemic. Since then, she’s been trying to get a refund for her prepaid shuttle — without getting scammed. But is that a valid concern?


I have a problem with Civitavecchia Shuttle, a ground transportation company in Italy. We decided to cancel our vacation in Rome last September and tried to get a refund for our shuttle reservations from Civitavecchia to Rome.

I paid for all three reservations with my Visa credit card. But when I contacted Civitavecchia Shuttle, a representative told me that they were trying to refund the money to my PayPal account.

I never used PayPal to make the shuttle reservation. I never canceled any payments in PayPal, or even know how to use it. I think I should be refunded to my original payment method unless for some reason they can’t reimburse after this long of a time-lapse. Could you help me get my money back? — Maureen DiNafo, Delray Beach, Fla.

I didn’t make a PayPal donation. So where did my money go?

Jon Lau contacted our team after a $100 PayPal donation showed up in his account. He says he didn’t donate any of his hard-earned money to the total stranger listed in the transaction. Paypal says he did.  Can we help retrieve Lau’s cash?


Earlier this year, PayPal charged me $100 for a donation to PayPal to a person I did not recognize. I could not find out anything about the person through an online search.

But I did not make the donation. I disputed the transaction immediately, but PayPal responded with a message that “we’ve determined there was no unauthorized use.”

I sent an internal message to PayPal to protest its decision. Two months later, PayPal responded, saying that “the decision made at the conclusion of a buyer claim is final and can only be appealed if new information is presented which was not considered during the original investigation.

Can you help me get my $100 back, please? — Jon Lau, San Francisco

Singapore Airlines owes me a refund. How do I get it?

Singapore Airlines promises Rebecca Engelmann a refund for the flights she canceled during the pandemic. She decides to file a credit card dispute. Then things get complicated. Is there a way out?


My family and I canceled our airline tickets last year because of COVID-19. Singapore Airlines promised to refund the tickets but said it would take 16 weeks. I filed a credit card dispute with Citibank.

Citibank issued a temporary credit for the tickets. A month later Singapore Airlines refunded one of the five tickets. But then, in October, Citibank closed the claim and charged us again for all the tickets.

Our credit card company said Singapore Airlines initiated a chargeback in September, and we lost the claim. Singapore said they “allowed the chargeback back” for the other four tickets in summer and therefore they won’t refund the money again, but the credit card company said it’s Singapore Airlines who we need to deal with. Can you help us? — Rebecca Engelmann, White Plains, NY

Why won’t Home Depot schedule delivery of my refrigerator unless I pay an extra $700?

Jennifer Gaetjens got a great deal on a refrigerator at Home Depot using a coupon combined with a sale. But a few days later, the company told her that it had no record of her purchase. Now Home Depot won’t schedule the delivery of her new appliance until she pays an additional $700. What’s going on here?


My husband bought an LG Electronics stainless steel refrigerator on sale at Home Depot. After trying to buy the appliance online, we had to go to the store to finish the transaction. The computers were down at the time, but we got a receipt from Home Depot that included the tax and delivery charges. We also had a coupon for 18 months interest-free.

I called Home Depot to check on the order and confirm a delivery date, but a representative informed me that our order had been lost. We needed to return to the store to buy the refrigerator again. My husband went to the Home Depot. But this time, they denied him the original discount. Home Depot wanted him to pay an extra $700 for the refrigerator before it would be scheduled for delivery. The store manager was instructed by corporate not to honor our receipt. We want and need a refrigerator. Can you help us? — Jennifer Gaetjens, Pennsauken, N.J.

Will I ever see a refund for this canceled tour of Ireland?!

After Susan Danner canceled her tour of Ireland during the COVID-19 outbreak, the operator promised a swift refund. But that was a year ago. So where’s her money?


Last year, I reserved a tour through Paddywagon, an Irish tour operator. I prepaid $1,219 for a two-day Wild Atlantic Way tour of the Irish countryside.

We could not go because of the pandemic. So I canceled the tour of Ireland in May, more than 28 days before the tour started. Under the terms of the tour, we qualified for a full refund. Paddywagon acknowledged the cancellation immediately but has claimed ever since that they cannot issue a refund until they are allowed access to their offices in Dublin.

I can see no reason that the company would not have access to their funds to issue a refund. I have emailed Paddywagon multiple times, and they always respond with the same excuse.

Can you help get me a refund for this canceled tour of Ireland? — Susan Danner, Healdsburg, Calif.

The blues festival was canceled so how about a refund?

Organizers canceled the blues festival in Tampa Bay but refused to give Donna Dandrea and her husband a refund. Can they do that?


In 2019, we bought VIP tickets to the 2020 Tampa Bay Blues Festival. Because of COVID-19, organizers have rescheduled the festival twice. Along this two-year journey, ticket holders were twice offered a refund for the canceled blues festival or to “roll” them over to the next year — and then the next year. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen medical issues with my husband in late 2020, we are now asking for a refund. The organizers will not respond to voice messages or emails other than a “form” letter denying our refund request.

I would like my $1,000 refunded since my husband’s doctor has told us to refrain from going to concerts. — Donna Dandrea, Estell Manor, N.J.

Saks sent me a refund but then took it back! Help!

The coat that Cornelia Spiegel bought online from Saks isn’t quite right. She asks Saks for and receives a refund for the coat. Then the company charges her for it again. Can we find out what went wrong here?


I bought a coat online from Saks last fall. I returned the item. Saks confirmed the return and issued a refund to my credit card in late December. But, a week later, Saks recharged me $959 for the same item.

Since the October return, I have not ordered from Saks and don’t know why they sent me a refund and then recharged me. I have tried to resolve this with Saks and disputed the claim with Chase Visa three times with no success. The company has offered me no proof of purchase or other confirmation of what it thinks it’s charging me for. My Saks account shows no additional purchase than the October return.

Can you help me get a refund from Saks? — Cornelia Spiegel, New York

My Britrail Pass is worthless — so where is my refund?

The pandemic caused Brent Norgaard to cancel his trip to the U.K. last year. So why won’t his travel agency give him a refund for his BritRail Pass?


Last year, I bought an eight-day Britrail Pass through ACP Rail. I couldn’t use the tickets because of the COVID-19 outbreak. So I asked for an extension, and a representative told me to return the paper tickets. I did so last summer. Since then, I’ve inquired several times about the status of my extension. They say they are working on it.

It’s been more than a year. Could you please help me get either an extension or a refund for my BritRail Pass? — Brent Norgaard, Minneapolis


If ACP Rail offered an extension for your BritRail Pass, it should have processed the extension quickly. ACP is a distributor of rail products. It has an exclusive arrangement to sell the BritRail Pass, so it should have been able to fix your ticket quickly.