Can Sears save my Easter dinner?

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Lynn Contino can’t cook Easter dinner because Sears can’t install her stove. What will she tell her guests?

Question: We purchased a duel-fuel stove from Sears recently. We were promised delivery and installation and removal of our old stove on Friday, April 18, in time for the Easter holiday.

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We have family and friends coming in from out of state for dinner. On Friday, the delivery men arrived. They refused to install or remove the old stove because they are not certified. They left with the new stove still in the truck.

We called every 15 minutes all day on Friday to find out where the stove was and we told them we would even install it ourselves. Finally, they told us they would deliver the stove on Saturday morning. We should expect a call at. 8 a.m. to tell us what time it would be delivered. No call.

At 10 a.m., we called and were told no delivery was scheduled for Saturday. We could expect to receive it on Monday – too late for Easter dinner .

A Sears representative said they would check and call us back 25 minutes later. Still, no call back. We called again and were told they do not make Saturday deliveries, and that they would probably deliver the stove on Tuesday.

We are being given the runaround and being transferred to every department in the Sears organization, but no resolution. Can you help? — Lynn Contino, Feasterville, Pa.

Answer: If Sears promised your oven by Friday, it should have delivered it. And if for some reason it couldn’t, then you’d expect the company to be sensitive to the fact that this delivery was happening before a major holiday, and that the appliance is critical to food preparation.

Sears should have sent someone to your home who was qualified to install your oven, of course. But if the technicians weren’t certified, they were absolutely correct to back off. And it’s a good thing you didn’t try to install the oven yourselves. Otherwise, you might not have survived Easter.

You did your best to notify Sears of the problem, although I might have written more and dialed less. I list the names and phone numbers of Sears’ top executives on my site, and you might have reached out to them. If you have the name of a regional manager, you can also email that person. Email addresses at Sears are [email protected]

If you ever order another major appliance like an oven or refrigerator, make sure you have a backup plan — either a spare refrigerator or a microwave to cook your food in. And give yourself plenty of cushion before and after a major food holiday, like Easter, Christmas or the Fourth of July.

I contacted Sears on your behalf before Easter. A representative responded the following Monday and said that your oven was delivered and installed on Saturday afternoon, just in time to cook your Easter dinner.

Did Sears act fast enough?

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101 thoughts on “Can Sears save my Easter dinner?

  1. I have had problems with appliance deliveries from Sears as well – it’s not a big surprise that the local store recently went out of business.

  2. So OP wanted a stove installed by Easter…and had the stove installed by Easter. I assume that OP emailed you on Saturday, before the stove got installed, and then didn’t follow up with you? (Otherwise, why would a Sears rep need to give you the news the following week)?

    I’m trying to understand what the story is here, and even moreso, why most of the poll answers thus far don’t think that Sears acted fast enough. It’s all just baffling.

    1. DUH! How would you feel if you had a house full of relatives showing up, and no stove? Sears needs to wake up…..and soon!

    2. I think its that it took a lot of pushing and prodding by the LW in order to get the stove by Easter. Pushing and prodding which should not have been necessary.

    3. The OP did not want the stove installed by Easter. They wanted the stove installed **before** Easter. Saturday afternoon is too late if you are trying to prepare a big meal for the next day. Pies, cakes, need preparation ahead of time so that Easter dinner goes smoothly. Maybe they needed to boil eggs. We also don’t know when the stove was delivered. “Saturday afternoon” goes from 12pm to 6pm. At 6pm I’d be in a full panic and would have to work until 2 am the next day to keep up. All in a house full of guests – which would also be disrupted by the installation.
      Sears failed.

      1. If Friday is perfectly fine, but Saturday is too late, then sorry, OP was pushing it. Any number of things could have gone wrong – with the gas line, outlet, sizing, or the appliance itself could have been broken. No sympathy for the tight schedule.

        1. That of course assumes that the OP had a choice. We don’t know if its a situation where the old stove was inoperable and Friday was the earliest that it could be delivered. Perhaps Friday was the only day the OP could get off work. Too many highly speculative scenarios..

    4. I don’t understand why the OP would ask for help, and then get the stove the same day they asked, and then not bother to follow up. It really annoys me when they do that. Just waiting everybody’s time.

      1. Agreed. It would have been better form to send a reply saying, thanks, its been resolved…

  3. It would be interesting to know where the breakdown in the service was. It sounds like Sears delivery was under the impression they were to deliver the stove and nothing more. This would explain why they sent delivery people and not installation technicians. (But if that were the case, why didn’t they leave the stove on the initial delivery attempt on Friday?)

    1. Having had appliance deliveries from companies like Sears, Best Buy and such, these people are *NOT* employees of these companies. Instead they are contractors that are hired and have no affiliation with the company at all…even though the company name is on the truck, they are not related to the company at all and work under completely different priorities!

      1. Exactly. I purchased a gas stove from Sears and the guys who delivered it simply unhooked the old gas stove, removed it, took it out, brought the new one in, hooked it up and pushed it in the space where the old stove was. 15 minutes or so..tops.

        Did the hookup of a “duel fuel” (or “dual fuel”) stove require additional expertise? I’m still trying to understand why they didn’t just leave the new stove. Couldn’t they have taken the old one out as well while they were there? (Presumably it wasn’t working since she needed the new one to cook for Easter.)

        1. This is a very good question. “Duel”/Dual Fuel requires 2 hookups. One for 240V and the other for gas.

        2. Maybe the old stove was gas only or electric only and they needed a new service line installed?

          Or, my theory is that they only asked for or were sold delivery, never installation. So they got a delivery driver, not an installation tech. I’m not sure hwy they didn’t just leave it.

          1. I’m with you. Either she mistakenly arranged for just delivery, was sold delivery only (even though she may have said installation as well), or Sears DID screw up by not sending the right type of tech with the delivery. We know what she said her side is, but documentation of the sale would have been helpful.

          2. If she bought it from Sears I would expect Sears would take responsibility to ensure that the appropriate service persons were arranged for.

    2. Last refrigerator we bought was an interesting experience. They brought it by and gave it a quick look over and decided the ice maker drawer wasn’t sitting quite right. The guy told me the only option was for them to take it back. From the look of it, I suspected that simply sliding the drawer out and getting it onto the tracks properly would have completely fixed it, but the guy said they were absolutely forbidden to touch anything. If anything looked wrong, the whole unit went back and a new one was shipped out. (That was either Sears or Home Depot.)

  4. I’m watching the ongoing drama of Sears’ (and now Kmart, too) downfall. It’s actually kind of sad to see what was one of the quintessential American brands circling the drain.

    After being burned by Kmart last Christmas, I have steadfastly refused to shop there, despite them sending increasingly frantic emails with all kinds of offers that look good on the surface but that stink when you read the fine print.

    I’m not sure if the problem with Sears and Kmart lies in logistics, technology, or just a lack of concern for their future but I hope at some point, they pull their heads out of their collective corporate butts.

    Edit: grammers and stuffs.

    1. I have not set foot in a Kmart since the mid 1980s. Back then, I took my car to their automotive service center to have shocks installed. They lifted my car on the lift, proceeded to work on the car and the car slipped off of the lift and one of the lift arms damaged the undercarriage of my car. They lowered my car onto the ground to restabilize my car on the lift. As the mechanic backed out of the garage, with the car door open, the car door got caught on the edge of the garage, ripping the door off.
      They sent my car to a bodyshop which did a remarkably poor repair job…when I pointed out the undercarriage damage from falling off the lift, they acted as if that part never happened…even after I told them about standing there and watching it happen…they, to this day, claim it never happened…so yeah…I don’t shop there and I tell everyone I can about what happened. Never again!

  5. I am still trying to find the story here. She wanted a stove to cook Easter dinner. The stove was delivered a day late but still in plenty of time for Easter dinner.

    1. Obviously, you are not a planner. We should be able to depend on our vendors. They should CARE about what is written about them. They should CHAMPION better procedures. I think that the salesman should have been perfectly clear, and have it written into the paperwork what should have happened. I don’t know of anyone that would want a delivery two days before a holiday gathering, and not want installation. Please America, use your heads! Plan. Coordinate. Take care of yourselves. And hold Corporate America accountable. Don’t just let things happen “half-a _ _ ed” anymore.

      1. A planner might have asked for delivery a week ahead of time not a day or two. But your use of words in capital letters has convinced me that you are right.

        1. Expecting a new major appliance right before a special event is dangerous. Not only are you rolling the dice on delivery (even the best companies occasionally have to reschedule), but do you really want the first meal cooked in your new oven to be an important one for a bunch of guests? I want a couple weeks of rehearsals before going live.

        2. Bingo. Waiting for a day or two before a major holiday to get a vital item like a stove is simply begging Murphy to show you how his law works.

  6. It eventually answered fast enough but that is a lot of hassle prior to a holiday. Also, if they “don’t deliver saturday” and then the stove was delivered on saturday, seems like their training process isn’t satisfactory. There’s some bad info floating around within the organization… among other problems obviously.

  7. I believe that Lynn had a valid complaint. If others don’t get what the problem was, or in effect still is, then they have blinders on. The story is that the product was supposed to be delivered, and installed, etc. The problem to solve is WHY it took so long for Sears to rectify the problem. Why, on a holiday weekend, were they incapable of coming to the aid of their customer, and give them peace of mind? Why did the delivery people leave AND TAKE the product with them? Sears is getting way too big for their britches, given the recent economy. I used to shop there all the time, BUT NOW, the quality, the selection AND the service are severely lacking. The pricing is way too high for what they now represent.

    Wake up Sears! If you do, then maybe I will come back as a customer. I don’t see why I should at this time.

    1. A lot of things we don’t know about this particular situation. We don’t know when the stove was purchased. Was it weeks in advance or was it only a couple days before the promised delivery? Who set the delivery date? Was it Sears or the purchaser? We don’t know why the stove was not left. Maybe there was no room to leave it, maybe the installers were supposed to be there when it was delivered so the delivery guys could help move it into place as it was being installed.

      I think that Sears was able to get it installed only one day late and still in time for the holiday meal is not such a bad thing. Things go wrong and extra time should always be allowed for events like this. It could have been a lot worse if the stove was defective and didn’t work!

      I do agree with you that Sears is not the company it used to be. Their stores are run down dirty and trashy. The quality of their merchandise does not seem to be what it was. Their corporate driven cost cutting has left the stores under staffed with the employees that are there not seeming to know anything. I have not bought anything at Sears for nearly 10 years because of this. Last thing was a car battery and the push to have all kinds of extra work done on my car (all unnecessary) to the point that I was told the battery could not be installed if I didn’t have the extra work done really drove me away.

      1. And, we do not know whether requiring a new stove was due to a last minute breakdown. What a nightmare for Lynn! I am glad she was able to have her Easter dinner. Hope she took a bubble bath with candles after the company left!

    2. “Why, on a holiday weekend, were they incapable of coming to the aid of their customer, and give them peace of mind?”

      Maybe on holiday weekends, they are short-staffed from giving employees time off for the holiday.

  8. Not sure why the OP waited so close to the holiday for the installation. I would have either had the appliance delivered and installed a week earlier or waited until after the holiday. Unless the existing one was broke and the only option would be to get a new one on short notice.

    And I think they meant “dual-fuel” meaning two fuels, not “duel-fuel” which would mean fighting fuels?? 🙂

      1. Or they were coming to the end of a kitchen renovation that had ran longer than expected but were already committed to hosting the holiday meal to show it off. Still a very risky proposition to have that vital an appliance not even scheduled to be in the house until a couple days prior to the meal. They got lucky.

        1. We just don’t have the information to know for sure. But if it was a planned purchase, I would think the old stove was still in place and working so not having the new one wouldn’t have stopped the Easter dinner.

          1. The letter says the old stove was still there. However, they obviously didn’t want to (or couldn’t) use the old stove because A) They were installing the new stove right before Easter and B) Even when the delivery was delayed their preferred option was to do everything possible to get the new one rather than just put the delivery off until after the holiday.

          2. Yes, the old stove was still there. However, it was never stated, or if it was I missed it, if it was still working or not. So add C) The original stove was non-functional and this purchase was done in an emergency at the last minute.

    1. Considering where the LW is from (Bucks County, PA), it might as well be a duel 🙂
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      Jefferson, Aaron Burr lives in infamy as the man who shot and killed
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  9. To make a long story short: Sears promised to repair an appliance of mine under warranty. They charged me $80 for a visit (which involved nothing more than a visual inspection by the tech), then ordered a part to be delivered in a week (along with some other needed parts for which I paid). That part turned out to be on factory back order with no known delivery date.

    When confronted with this, Sears refunded the additional parts charge but not the cost of the visit. I disputed the $80 with my CC company, since I told Sears the part number they needed before they came. The CC company put the whole amount (parts + service) into dispute. I immediately informed them of the error, but they said it was too late, and that Sears would certainly bring that up in the resolution process.

    90 days later, Sears had failed to comment on the dispute. I kept the money. Haven’t been back to Sears.

    1. I had an issue with something purchased online for in-store pickup at Sears. (It was charged and shown as picked up before I could pick it up.) Sears(dot)com insisted it was an store issue and to speak to them, the store said it was the website’s issue and I had to resolve it with that group.

      Disputed the payment, the CC company gave a deadline for Sears to respond by May something. I’ll be watching closely to see if they dispute my dispute at the deadline. Whichever group (if either) disputes, is the one I focus my future energy on.

      1. I am convinced that Sears online website is not Sears, but contracted out and more like Amazon, without Amazon’s service. Several times I have searched for an item and found it coming up on the Sears website. These items are not something I would expect Sears to carry. About 18 months back I needed a replacement battery for a vacuum and Sears stated on the website they had it. They immediately charged my credit card, gave me a ship date, when in fact the item was not available. That is when I found out about their merchant set up. I would never trust Sears for an online purchase.

  10. I votes yes because they did it on Saturday. But I am still disappointed with Sears.

    I had a similar experience. I ordered a Dish Washer and they arrived with the wrong one. I complained and they offered a $100 gift card if I keep the wrong one. Not only was it the wrong color, but it was a cheaper model. I called the store and asked that they send the correct one, they then offered a $150 gift card if I kept the wrong one (This model was $200 less than the one I ordered). I still refused. They finally said they would leave with the wrong one and re-schedule the correct one, but they said the next available delivery date was in 3 weeks. I asked that they do it within 3 days since they screwed up and they refused.

    During my wait, I found the same dish washer at Best Buy, and they beat the price from Sears and could do next day delivery. When I canceled my order with Sears, they charged me a restocking fee and wouldn’t budge. I ended up disputing it on my credit card and winning. This was not my first bad experience with Sears, but it was my last experience with Sears as I will never go back.

    1. I vote no because everything should have been taken care of at the time of purchase, and by Friday delivery.

    2. Like Tinkerbellmarie, I also voted no for the simple fact they didn’t send the correct tech to install when it was delivered. I would hope the driver checks their manifests to know what is on the truck and it should have been taken care of before the truck even left the warehouse.

      1. I have ordered several appliances form sears prior the dishwasher. Each time I had to specify deliver and/or delivery + installation separately, as there was always an additional fee for installation, and they used a separate contractor for installation than for just delivery. In fact, with the dish washer I just wanted delivery as I was installing it myself.

        Its possible the sales person didn’t mention this and just scheduled the stove for delivery, not delivery and installation. Also, there is a third option, haul away.

        1. I was just going by what was stated in the story. The delivery person said they couldn’t install it because they were not certified. So it sounds like the delivery person was expected to install it. I haven’t had any major appliance delivered from Sears, so maybe they are different. But every appliance I have bought that required connection to the gas line, the person installing was with the delivery person. In any case, I feel the driver should have known they wouldn’t be able to do the install before leaving the warehouse and had the issue addressed then. Instead, the product was sent out and the customer told “too bad on the install. It’s your problem, not ours. ” And then on top of that, given the runaround when trying to resolve it.

          Bottom line to me is Sears dropped the ball and expected the customer to recover it.

          1. Based on the last few appliances I have purchased, the delivery people don’t do anything beyond carrying the new item in, at least with the larger chains like Sears. Installation is a separate charge, separate appointment, and separate people.

            Makes it a real pain, but those larger chains have many deliveries a day from the same truck, most of which are appliances where there is no real installation required. Easier on them to just let the delivery guys do their thing then send out the installation guys separately.

          2. Maybe. But again, based on what we were told in the story, ” On Friday, the delivery men arrived. They refused to install or remove the old stove because they are not certified.”, the OP sounded like the people delivering would have installed it if they were certified. They weren’t even certified to remove the old one.

            So as I said before, we don’t have enough information to know for sure what was suppose to have happened. And based on my last few appliances, the people delivery were also the people installing. Included connection to a gas line.

          3. I know our local appliance place does install and delivery as one call and I’d guess rural areas with far fewer deliveries probably also do it that way. But Feasterville Pa where the LW lives is only 30 minutes from downtown Philly. I’d be surprised if Sears was offering install and delivery as part of the same call in a large metro region like that. That just isn’t a really efficient business model if you have any sort of volume.

          4. The last major appliance I bought was a washer/dryer from Lowes. The dryer was gas and does require certified installation. I live in the Los Angeles area, not really a small rural area. The delivery and installation was done at the same time by the same person. I guess a small outfit like Lowes just doesn’t have an efficient business model.

            Just because it happened one way in your case does not make that the standard way it is done in every area and by every local store. I said it before and I’ll keep saying it. We don’t have the information to make any type of conclusion. All we have to go on is what was presented in the story. Trying to make a conclusion on if the OP did or didn’t do with all the facts is inappropriate.

            I think this has been hashed to death and needs to end. If you want to make one more, “this is how it is done in my area and my experience so the OP messed something up” post, be my guest.

        2. That’s what I was getting at as well. The OP’s side of the story says delivery and installation, but it sounds like it turned out to be just delivery. It would certainly be helpful to know what Sears side was or what her documentation detailed.

  11. I had a similar situation with Sears and my dishwasher. I bought a floor model (a big mistake!), it failed within the warranty period, there were repeated attempts to repair it which were unsuccessful. I was without a dishwasher for three months. This included Easter and we were having a big family dinner. My husband finally talked to the Virginia Department of Consumer Affairs (or what ever it’s called) and they contacted Sears and we got a new dishwasher! I won’t buy any sort of appliance from them ever again! It really is sad that a formerly excellent retailer has sunk so low.

  12. Sears is quickly rolling downhill from the peak it once was. I find it sad that the parent of Craftsman (Sears) is now nothing but a shadow of it’s former self. I went to Sears to purchase an electric lawnmower..the website said that my local Sears had one instock. I purchased the thing online and then went to the store with my receipt in hand. Walking through Sears was like walking through a war-zone. Shelves in disarray. Product on racks that didn’t reflect the tags. Sales reps wandering the floor like zombies. Some horrible screachy sounds emanating from the ancient PA system that may have been a representative of primitive music…When I got to Sears, a sales person went to get my lawnmower. He came back 15 minutes later and said they don’t have that one in stock. I pointed to my receipt and he pulled up the website on a tablet he had and showed me that the website said 10-12 days for delivery….I said i didn’t want delivery…he said it didn’t matter delivery to my house or delivery to the store was 10-12 days. So…I had to wait 10-12 days…I only hope my HOA would be as understanding.
    This is why online merchants like Amazon are destroying stores like Sears. Never have I ordered anything from Amazon and it took 10-12 days to deliver. In most cases, it takes a day or two (we have an Amazon warehouse in my state).
    I wanted to use Sears because I had gotten two Sears gift cards for x-mas last year and wanted to use them before Sears disappeared….I will tell you though, as tempted as I was looking at the Samsung 48 inch LCD TV for $999 with a $200 off SYW coupon…I went onto Amazon and found the same TV for less….and free shipping! Guaranteed delivery in 2 days…

  13. I am bothered that Sears sold an item to be delivered and installed by people not trained to handle the installation. I have never had an appliance delivered that wasn’t put in and working before the delivery people left. Many stores now charge for delivery, installation and the hauling away of your used appliance. The OP doesn’t mention this added charge, which I would not pay in this case!

    1. See my post above. I have purchased many appliances via Sears, and they have delivery, or delivery + installation, and use separate contractors. I have installed many appliances myself and saved money. Perhaps they were only sold delivery and not installation? Not sure if it was Sears that sold it wrong, or the OP who only asked for delivery and assumed installation.

        1. Maybe it varies by state? I have always been offered delivery for $20 or so, and then installation for $35 or so extra on top of delivery. When I asked if they would install it if I changed my mind I was told no, because its a separate contractor who does the install.

          Before the dishwasher fiasco, I had ordered many appliances, many time from them.

          1. It has never been broken out with delivery one price and installation the other, so never even have given a thought. It is just one price for delivery and installation, plus haul away.

          2. I called my wife and she looked in our file for our stove since we had it installed. It was $25 delivery, $35 Installation, $10 haul away. Then a $35 credit because they had free installation on it. We also got a gift card because the delivery was free.

          3. We pay a bit more for delivery due to our location, but it includes installation and haul away. If they offer free delivery, that includes the installation and then $10 is the haul away charge. We just had a new dishwasher and double oven put in and it was a flat $50 fee for delivery, installation and haul away.

  14. Sorry folks but you got it all wrong 🙂
    Sears is no longer the great company it used to be ever since it was gutted by a hedge fund.
    Don’t expect it to deliver.

  15. I have fond memories of Sears from my youth just like its sister store, Kmart. For Sears, we would go look at tools for auto and home and my mother would go look at housewares. For Kmart, it was the fishing and bikes and hunting equipment. Kmart had a cute cafe where families could relax before and after shopping.

    Both stores a shadows of themselves. The hardware dept has been beat by Home Depot. Kmart’s sporting goods section is beat by special shops. The concept of a department store is largely dead. Best Buy and Home Depot have amazing appliance departments combined with the tools and hardware to self-install.

    1. I remember buying my first set of Craftsman screwdrivers. It was a milestone in my life. I have always bought and trusted Craftsman tools, but I no longer due since buying a power screw driver a few years back, having it stop working, and being told the lifetime warranty becomes void if it stops working. Huh?

      I remember going to the K Mart cafe too. Those were the days.

      1. +1. Sear Craftsman screwdrivers. Yes, my first purchase of the American Dream. Now all they have are nightmares. That’s what happens when American business leaders sell out to China. There’s nothing left in their stores to buy. Just all junk.

        1. I think the craftsman lifetime warranty doesn’t apply to power tools. I went there a bit ago and was unimpressed by their selection of tools. I go to Lowes or Home Depot for tool shopping.

          1. Good point. They had this ad on TV for this special Craftsman wrench I thought was super cool but, of course, I checked it out on google to see reviews and… it was a piece of junk. Everytime I see an ad for a great tool on TV, it’s always not as good as they pitch it.

          2. Too bad on the quality. My Dad worked in the tool department at Sears and built our house with Craftsman tools. He swore by them. But not now 🙁

          3. I saw an infomercial a year or so back for one of those “multi-tool does everything” sorts of things and was stunned to see it was a Craftsman. They didn’t even mention you could buy it in a store; it sounded like it was only available by calling the 800 number from the infomercial just like all that other junk sold on those TV spots. The second I saw that I knew the brand was officially dead in terms of quality. It takes some serious greed and stupidity to take a well-respected brand and start slapping the label on obvious pieces of garbage like that. And they wonder why the Sears brand itself is nearly dead?

          4. I own a leatherman for about 25 years now. Looks about the same as the day it came out of the factory. The pliers are still tight and useful and the screwdriver ends have been invaluable for a number of odd jobs. It’s pretty much the tool I reach for 80% of the time other than a hammer. So not all in one tools are worthless.

      2. A family member just passed away and his widow offered to let me take some of the tools in the garage and basement. He was a tradesman and had some very nice tools…and some junk. The junk were either him running out to the local hardware store because he couldn’t find a specific tool…or he bought a piece of junk and modified it for a specific purpose.

        I cherry picked all the Craftsman screwdriver, wrenches, socket sets etc. Some of these go back a few decades. I plan to sort them out and make up a nice basic tool kit for my kids with quality, old school, American made Craftsman tools. (Much of their current selection is now being made in China.)

        Funny about the Kmart cafe. When they came to visit years ago, each morning he went up the street to the Kmart Cafe for breakfast each morning.

  16. NEVER again for Sears! They are in desperation mode…selling off stores and real estate across Canada, trying to get cash. I had them quote on a heat pump…they were very rude, so I went to a Lennox dealer who matched the price and the financing terms. I have a service contract on my furnace with Sears Home Comfort…told them I would pay them at the END of the year, if they are still in business. Again, for fast cash, they sold off their credit card folio to JPMorganChase, who promptly cut all cardholders’ credit lines by 50-75%…thereby ensuring that most will never shop again at Sears. Remember, this is a company whose CEO claimed he was “kidnapped” years ago…his credibility is about as valued as a $4 bill.

    1. Interesting that the alleged kidnappers were charged with a special Federal crime.

      The adult suspects — Shemone Gordon, 23, of New Haven and Devon Harris,
      19, of West Haven — were presented in U.S. District Court in Bridgeport
      on Monday on charges of violating the Hobbs Act, which bars the use of
      violence or extortion in any way that affects commerce. The men were
      ordered held without bond.

  17. I’m surprised she didn’t ask for a full refund of the purchase price (said with tongue firmly in cheek considering usual requests i.e. when a trip goes badly).

  18. I’ve gotta say, if you’re having Easter dinner and planning to cook on Saturday evening, having a stove delivered and installed on Friday probably isn’t the best judgment. Sears still dropped the ball here, though it seems that they resolved it reasonably well.

  19. as with many of the stories here, I don’t think we have all the facts. Why the big rush? maybe the old stove broke on Thursday, they run to Sears and buy a new on for next day delivery. Plausible facts where Lynn was not the issue. Or maybe they had wanted a stove for months and decided at the last minute we need a stove for next Sunday, bought one and hoped for the best. Also plausible. Why didn’t the delivery people just leave the stove? The only plausible situation I can come up with is Lynn said something like “I won’t accept deilvery unless you install the stove.” I could then see the delivery guy say OK, put it back on his truck and drive off.

    1. I agree. I am trying to understand why they didn’t leave the stove and take the old one. If Sears had screwed up, wouldn’t it be easier to send a qualified tech to hook up the new stove if it was already in place and the old one gone?

      1. I don’t get it. I would expect installation with delivery so this is just not registering with me.

        1. Even 15 years ago when I bought my last Sears Kenmore appliance, the delivery installation and haul away was each a separate charge. Can you say “unbundled” pricing?

        2. Installation and delivery are two different things and can be sold that way. There are even different types of “delivery”. I found a “great deal” on an appliance online and it included no delivery or installation. The only delivery option, at an additional charge, was “curbside delivery”. Basically the delivery company would drop the boxed appliance at the end of the driveway. I inquired about upgrading the delivery to bring it in the house, install and remove the old one and all the new on’es packaging…not an option they offered. I asked my handyman about coming to the house to bring it in, install and take the old one away. The total cost would have ended up being more than if I just bough locally and had them deliver and install….which is what I did.

          1. Well I learned something today, that if I were to move out of the area, to ask, as here it is all one charge with the stores we have used.

          2. I’ve seen that more and more recently, free delivery is just curb-side delivery.

  20. I think one important thing missing from this story is what was going on with the old stove. If its a matter of replacing a working stove with another working stove (albeit bigger/better/whatever), then scheduling something on April 18th is cutting it very close to the edge for planning purposes. Sears wasn’t right in giving them the run-around, but some of the blame needs to be shared for planning a major meal around an appliance with only one working day’s buffer to deal with any gotchas (and given the number of stories around on delivery mishaps, this is something that could easily be factored in). And I would still question why the entire meal was in jeopardy when you still had a working stove.
    On the other hand, if the old stove broke down completely and they had to buy this stove in a hurry, then the scramble to get the stove replaced at the last second makes sense. Facing an Easter dinner armed only with a microwave would understandably cause a lot of stress (though it makes me wonder about what they did to cook all the previous meals) .

    1. Doesn’t anyone have neighbors anymore? Indeed, more has changed in my lifetime than sears. In the old days, one could find a neighbor to loan a stove to help get a holiday meal cooked. Or heck, guests coming should have been able to help arrange to pre-cook the food. The food is always more delicious after a few hours anyway. 🙂

      1. Been there, but if your neighbors are also cooking their meal at the same time, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Our stove went our on Xmas and finding an oven not being used in the neighborhood wasn’t easy. We now have a large enough BBQ that we can light that up and use it if necessary, regardless of weather.

        1. Sounds like a good reason to go to a Chinese restaurant for the holiday. My wife’s favorite is a duck place in Little Saigon here in DC.

    2. I agree. Since there was tremendous urgency in getting the stove to make Easter dinner, then I figured it was to replace a non-working stove. Otherwise, planning for it to arrive on Friday and be ready for it to work properly on Sunday is cutting it kind of close.

      As someone else stated, wouldn’t you want a “breaking in ” period to learn about any quirks. (I’d specifically want to see the fuels duel!)

  21. I’ve not bought a thing from Sears since two bozos refused to deliver my new washing machine 10 years ago. They cared not that their truck had plenty of room to come up my driveway, they just didn’t want to deliver it. I even offered to drive their truck up to the house! Didn’t help that neither spoke English. Ugh, what a dumb company Sears is.

  22. I join the chorus of never shopping at Sears again. I purchased a floor sample patio furniture set and paid for shipping on Friday. I took off from work to be home for the 4 hours window I was given. At hour 3.5, I called and was told that my furniture was not even on the truck and no, they would not refund my delivery fee. I posted on Sears Facebook page because I could not take another day off the following Monday. I was told by their customer resolution person that there was nothing they could do and they would credit half my delivery fee back. She told me that it was my problem that I had to take off from work and half of the fee was fair. I finally dealt directly with the store manager and received my furniture on Saturday and my delivery fee credited back. Sears has fallen far.

  23. Comment deleted because I didn’t realize Chris already had my super special magic Sears phone number in his contacts. But I will say that my boss was having trouble with Sears and contacting 847-286-2500 fixed the problem right away.

  24. I once purchased an air conditioner from Sears, and they promised me that it would be delivered and installed the following weekend. It was not. A customer service representative told me that it was scheduled to be delivered for the next weekend, which I had not agreed to at the time of purchase, but I had to suck it up and broil for the next week because of their runaround. I do not purchase appliances from Sears now.

  25. We had a similar Easter situation, when the utility power went out and was not scheduled to be restored until after Easter. The ham was cooked in the gas grill, the potatoes and beans were cooked on a propane camp stove, and I made a cord to use a 110 vac generator to back feed power to half the circuits in the house so we had lights in the dining room for our out of town guests and their family members. Being campers paid off!
    NOTE: Due to rain, the gas grill & propane stove were in the garage with the door open. And, the generator was outside under the roof overhang. This was for safety from carbon monoxide!

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