These front-seat selfies reveal Utah’s winter splendor

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By Christopher Elliott

There’s a reason Utah’s claims to have the “Greatest Snow on Earth.” Spend a month here, as I just did, and you’ll see this state’s winter splendor for yourself.

I’ve been camped out in Huntsville, Utah, just outside Ogden, for the last month. It’s the perfect place for the kids to catch up on school work and for me to finish up a book proposal and launch a new syndicated column.

One of my favorite photography techniques is what I like to call the front-seat selfie. It’s probably more accurate to call it the reverse front-seat selfie. You see something so remarkable while you’re driving that you have to take a picture.

Like this view of Ogden Canyon on our way to Eden yesterday. It was pizza night, so we were headed over to Ogden Valley Pizza for a bite. Then I saw the sun setting over the canyon.

Utah's winter splendor.
The sun sets over Ogden Canyon. It had been snowing all day, so the windshield was a little wet.


Warning: Do not attempt this at home. I’m lucky to have three more or less responsible kids in the car who can help me with shots like this. Either stop the car or get help from a passenger, but please don’t take pictures and drive at the same time. (Related: Should kids in diapers be allowed in the pool?)

What kind of car are you driving into the winter snow?

Speaking of cars, this is what our Hertz rental looked like after that snowfall.

Utah's winter splendor.
Iden Elliott tries to find the Hertz rental under a thick blanket of powder snow.

And this is what it looks like without the snow.

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Utah's winter splendor.
Erysse Elliott shows off her Hertz rental, sans snow, in Salt Lake City.

We’re especially grateful to our friends at the Salt Lake City airport Hertz location for giving us a car with a ski rack. You really need one of those when you’re driving into snow country.

Utah's winter splendor.
Iden Elliott slides down the hill on his daily walk. We try to keep up a regular routine even when it snows really hard.

Even when there’s no snow, it’s still a beautiful winter

This photo was not taken from the front seat of the car. If it were, I’d be about to run over my middle child. But it’s a great road shot.

Utah's winter splendor.
A view of the Wasatch Mountains on our way from Salt Lake City to Ogden.

Our first few weeks here were not the greatest for snow. This is the front-seat shot as we left the airport right after we’d flown in from Denver. Just a dusting of snow on the Wasatch Mountains.

Utah's winter splendor.
No snow in Brigham City, but it’s still beautiful.

Our snowless streak continued when we visited Golden Spike National Historic Site. Still. Wow.

Utah's winter splendor.
Utah’s state capitol from the front seat of our Hertz car. The vehicle was definitely stopped for this picture.

One of the highlights of our visit to Utah was a day we spent at Park City. I took this shot on our way back to Huntsville.

Utah's winter splendor.
The road from Park City, Utah, to Huntsville. Even without snow, it’s still a sight to behold.

Please share your winter and snow memories

We’ll always have fond memories of Utah’s winter. Here’s a picture of Iden after the last snowfall. Behind us is our rental. Duck!

Utah's winter splendor.
Iden Elliott prepares for a snowball fight in Huntsville, Utah.

If you want great snow, there’s still time. I’ve skied here in early April, and the weather is usually excellent. Hopefully, Utah will get even more snow, which will make this another great season. (Here’s what you need to know before planning your next trip.)

If you have any winter shots, please share them in the comments. I can’t wait to see them.

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