But how will I know?

Good morning! Please check out my new Mint.com Facebook Q&A. Today, I tackle the question of “coverage” plans offered by wireless carriers. Drop by and leave a comment or question.

In this issue of Elliott’s E-Mail, we have a little theme going: How do you know for sure that a product is any good? Have you ever been certain that you covered all of your bases, knew what you were getting — but ended up disappointed? Please send me your story, and don’t forget to include your full name, city and occupation.

Thank you, TripInsuranceStore.com. None of this would be possible without the sponsorship of our friends at TripInsuranceStore.com. If you’re over age 50, you can get personalized advice on pre-screened plans at 1-888-407-3854 or by visiting them online.

On Elliott. In this week’s Travel Troubleshooter, I help someone un-cancel her Travelzoo vouchers. Also, is this B&B is a horrible place? Depends who you ask. And does a passenger deserve a refund for sailing on a ship everyone knows has a little Norovirus problem?

Elsewhere. In this Sunday’s Washington Post, I ask if airlines should take a stand on breast-feeding passengers. My guest column stint at Consumerist continues with a solution to a macabre problem with a bank. Whose responsibility are those unaccompanied minors? I ask the question of Frommers, and you won’t believe the answers! And finally, over at the Huffington Post, I tell you the five things you should say to a TSA screener.

On Away is Home. We took the “red-eye” back from Wilmington on Sunday night, and have been back in Orlando for the last week. But our family travel blog is still alive and well. Yesterday, we checked out one of the new tours at Kennedy Space Center, and tomorrow we leave for Hilton Head, S.C. Thanks to all of you for being part of our adventure.

Remember, you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook and you can track the Away is Home Twitter and Facebook site. I’ll see you out there.

Have an excellent week, everyone. Safe travels!


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