Why you should never, ever, ever give up

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How stupid do they think you are?

It’s true.

I’ve called people who mindlessly collect miles lemmings. I’ve compared them to drug addicts and referred to their devotion to the loyalty lifestyle as cult-like.
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The Elliott Show: Loyalty programs, cruise prices and … oops

In this week’s episode of The Christopher Elliott Show, I forget the name of my guest, and my own name (oh, I’ll edit that part out) and I talk loyalty programs and cruise prices with Doug Parker. No, not that Doug Parker — that one. (Not enough espresso, my friends. Not enough espresso!)

Are loyalty programs worth it?

Quitting a frequent-flier program looks easy: You cut up your card and donate the miles to charity. And that’s it.

But after a recent column in which I questioned the value of loyalty programs, I realized that there’s a little more to it. Living miles-free in a world that’s polluted with points is exceedingly difficult – and for some, impossible.
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