Delta Air Lines Customer Service Contacts

Delta Air Lines is an American airline headquartered in Atlanta. It is one of the Big Three domestic carriers after its 2008 merger with Northwest Airlines.

How to reach a person at Delta Air Lines

Customer service:  (800-455-2720

Delta Air Lines Responsiveness rating


The Elliott Responsiveness Rating scores companies based on how responsive they are to customers. Here's more information about our ratings.

What you need to know about Delta Air Lines

The company responds to most customer complaints in a satisfactory manner. That being said, we have a planeload of Delta cases. They range from denied boarding problems to passport misunderstandings to voucher troubles.

How to resolve a problem with Delta Air Lines

This guide on how to solve a customer service problem will help you resolve most problems with the company. You can also refer to the executive contacts below or contact our advocacy team directly.

Note: If you’re having customer service trouble, please use our proven methods for fixing any consumer problem before contacting a manager.

Delta Air Lines’ mailing address

P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta, Ga 30320-6001

Delta Air Lines’ mailing address

Delta Air Lines’s executive customer service contacts

Primary Contact
Richard Cox
SVP Reservation Sales and Customer Care
Atlanta, GA 30320-6001

Secondary Contact
Heidi Gould
General Manager – Customer Care
P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta, GA 30320-6001

Chief Executive
Edward Bastian
P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta, GA 30320-6001

Frequently asked questions about Delta Air Lines

How can I contact Delta customer service?

You can easily connect with Delta Air Lines customer service through various channels:

  1. Phone: For general inquiries, reservations, and flight information, you can call the following numbers:
  2. Online Messaging: Message Delta directly for all your travel needs through their website.
  3. Social Media: Delta actively engages with passengers on social media platforms like X and Facebook. You can tag them or visit their pages to log complaints, ask questions, or report issues.

Delta’s social media team monitors all channels 24/7, so you can expect timely assistance.

What is Delta’s customer service email address?

You can reach out to Delta Air Lines customer service by sending them an online message, but unfortunately, they do not provide a direct email address for general inquiries.

What are Delta’s customer service hours?

Delta Air Lines offers 24/7 customer service to ensure passengers can request assistance anytime, especially during emergencies or unexpected situations.

How do I get a refund from Delta?

To obtain a refund from Delta Air Lines, follow these steps:

  1. Non-refundable tickets:
    • If you purchased a nonrefundable ticket, you can still cancel it, but a cancellation charge will be deducted from the cost of your flight.
    • Any remaining value will be provided as an eCredit, which can be used to purchase another ticket.
    • To cancel a nonrefundable ticket:
      1. Visit the Delta website.
      2. Find your trip or log in to your account.
      3. Select the trip you need to cancel.
      4. Click on the “Need to Cancel?” button.
      5. Follow the steps to start the flight cancellation process.
  2. Refundable tickets:
    • If you booked a refundable ticket, you can apply for a refund.
    • Ensure you cancel your ticket before departure.
    • To cancel a refundable ticket:
      1. Visit the Delta website f .
      2. Find your trip or log in to your account.
      3. Select the flight you need to cancel.
      4. Click on the “Need to Cancel?” button.
      5. Follow the steps to start the flight cancellation process.
    • After canceling your trip, you can request a refund through the same process.
  3. Processing time:
    • Delta aims to process eligible credits and refunds within seven business days for credit card payments and 20 business days for cash or check payments.
    • Refunds may take up to two billing cycles to appear on your credit/debit card statement.
    • eCredits will appear in your account on and can also be retrieved using your ticket number.

Remember to promptly cancel your ticket before departure to ensure a smooth refund process.

You may send an email to for more information.

Does Delta have customer service chat support?

Delta Air Lines offers customer service chat support through their website. You can easily connect with a Delta representative using the chat feature. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Delta Help Center on their website.
  2. Look for the chat option, usually located in the bottom corner of the page.
  3. Click on the chat icon to start a conversation with a live agent.

How do I change or modify a Delta reservation?

You can easily change or modify your Delta flight by following these steps:

  1. Log in: Visit the Delta website and log in to your Delta account.
  2. Access your trip: Navigate to “My Trips” to find the flight you want to change or cancel.
  3. Select the flight: Click on the specific flight you need to modify.
  4. Choose Change or Cancel: Click the “Change or Add Flights” option.
  5. Complete the process: Follow the prompts to make the necessary changes to your flight.

Remember that for tickets originating in the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean, Delta has eliminated change fees, allowing you to adjust your trip’s date, time, or location before departure. However, Basic Economy tickets are generally nonchangeable. If you have a refundable ticket, you can cancel it without charge during the 24-hour risk-free cancellation period.

What is Delta’s customer service phone number for international customers?

If you’re an international customer and need assistance with Delta Airlines, you can reach their customer service by phone using the following number +1 404 715 2600.

How do I file a complaint with Delta customer service?

To file a complaint with Delta customer service, you have a few options:

1. Online Form: Visit the Delta Help Center and complete the Comments & Complaints form. Use this form to offer feedback, recognize an employee, make a baggage claim, or file a complaint regarding your travel experience or Delta Vacations.

2. Phone: Call Delta’s main customer service number at (800) 455-2720 to express your concerns or file a complaint.

3. SkyMiles Representatives: If you’re a SkyMiles member, you can contact SkyMiles representatives at (800) 323-2323.

How to get professional help with your Delta Air Lines problem

If you need help with Delta Air Lines, you can contact our advocacy team or just click the "Get Help" button. For immediate assistance, you can also send us a message on our Facebook group. Note: We do not charge for our advocacy.

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