Can you get a refund instead of cruise credits for your canceled voyage?

A boatload of disgruntled cruise passengers has contacted the Elliott Advocacy team during the pandemic. Their question? How to get a refund instead of future credits after a cruise line canceled their voyage — more than once.

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not what most want to hear. But the tide has recently started to turn, and there is some good news on the horizon. (Updated April 24)

Can you fly without a mask if you have a doctor’s note?

Can you fly without a mask at this stage of the pandemic if you have a doctor’s note? Since late last summer, the blunt answer from most airlines is no. Katheryn Stueckle’s son can’t physically tolerate a face covering, but she has no problem with American Airlines’ updated mask requirements. However, she would like a refund for the flight she purchased before the airline changed the policy.

American Airlines says she purchased the flight after it eliminated medical exemptions to the mask requirement. As a result, it denied the refund.

Can we help? (Last updated April 22)

United Airlines flight credit: How to make the most of it after the pandemic

The clock is ticking on Bernadine Fong’s sizable United Airlines flight credit, which she acquired during the pandemic. Around this time last year, she booked two business class tickets to Europe for a dream vacation. But that was before the coronavirus ruined everyone’s summer plans for 2020.

With the pandemic entering year two, Fong worries her nearly $11,000 flight credit with United Airlines is in jeopardy. Now she wants to know what to do to make sure to make the most of it before it expires. (Last updated Sept. 10, 2021)

Coronavirus fears: What you need to know about canceling your vacation

Will ongoing fears about the coronavirus drive you to cancel your vacation plans in 2021? If you’re considering spending another year without travel, you aren’t alone. Throughout the pandemic, pleas for help from travelers who want to cancel cruises, flights, and hotels have inundated our helpline.

These consumers all hope to override the written contract they have with these providers and get a full refund.

But if you decide to cancel your vacation, can you get your money back? (Last updated Sept 13, 2021)

Time may be running out to get your Vantage refund

Julie Mann wants an $18,266 refund from Vantage Travel. Last year, she and her husband Frank booked an anniversary cruise to Norway.  But Vantage canceled the trip during the pandemic. Then the company automatically rescheduled the couple for August of this year without their approval. Mann wants her money back instead — and she’s losing her patience.

She has the right idea. Because when it comes to Vantage Travel refunds, patience may not be a virtue.

Warning: Wear a mask or get banned from Uber — guaranteed!

Adrianna Allen just got banned from Uber for refusing to wear a mask while using the ridesharing service. She says she’s been falsely accused and has worn a face-covering during all her trips throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Now Allen wants the Elliott Advocacy team to ask why Uber banned her, and also get her premium membership reinstated. But with three separate drivers reporting her for refusing to wear a mask, that seems like a tall order.

Can we figure out what’s going on here?