Why is Sears playing markdown games with me?

The washing machine Laurie Beane just bought from Sears is suddenly on sale. Why does the company want to return it in order to honor the new price?
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Help! My dishwasher stopped working

Christopher Spark’s dishwasher breaks — and then it breaks again. Why won’t Sears help him fix it in a reasonable amount of time?
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Can Sears save my Easter dinner?

Lynn Contino can’t cook Easter dinner because Sears can’t install her stove. What will she tell her guests?
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Stuck with a pair of shoes – and confused about Sears’ refund policy

ValeStock / Shutterstock.com
ValeStock / Shutterstock.com
Olga O’Hara wants to return the shoes she bought at Sears.com, but she’s getting mixed signals from the company about how to do so. Is she stuck with her purchase?

Question: I recently ordered a pair of shoes online through Sears.com. The packing slip says I can return the items to any Sears store.

I went to my nearest store and was told they can’t refund my money back to my credit card since I paid with PayPal. The only option they had was to issue a gift card. However, I don’t shop at Sears and I did not want a gift card.

They told me I could ship the items back. Well, I’d have to pay to ship those back, and I don’t want to do that.
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Where’s my Sears.com refund?

1-Screen Shot 2012-09-28 at 2.30.24 PMQuestion: I ordered three items from Sears.com three weeks ago. Two arrived, but the other — a coat for $75 — was canceled by Sears the same day I placed the order because it was no longer available in a warehouse or store.

It has been 20 days and I’ve received no refund for the canceled item. I’ve done online chat, e-mailed, and contacted Sears on Twitter and Facebook. According to @searscares, I am now on a waitlist for a “case manager” regarding my refund.
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