Warning: When your flight is delayed, don’t walk away from the gate

Lara Wallace arrived at the airport for her recent Frontier Airlines flight to find that her delayed flight had no anticipated time of departure. So she and her friend decided to leave the gate area and have dinner. But as they settled in for their meal, they were alerted that their flight was taking off without them.

No visa, no honeymoon! Who is to blame?

When Lauren Weichmann and her new husband took off on Frontier Airlines for their five-day honeymoon to Mexico, they never imagined that they would be returning home later that same day. Now Weichmann wants to know: Who is to blame for her honeymoon fiasco, and how can she get reimbursed?

Frontier’s Van Leuven: Amid bidding war for airline, “we’re still in the service business”

Cliff Van Leuven is the vice president of customer service at Frontier Airlines, the Denver-based regional airline. I asked him about how the carrier’s turbulent year so far, including a trip through bankruptcy court, a different take on fees and the likely bidding war between Republic Air and Southwest Airlines to take over Frontier. I also wondered how late-summer travelers can get the best customer service from a struggling airline industry.

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