Does this cancellation confirmation contain contradictory information?

When Joane Perry cancels her Canadian vacation, her online agency leads her to believe she’ll have a year to use her flight credit. Her cancellation confirmation says otherwise. Is there a way to clear up this misunderstanding — and save her airline tickets? Read more “Does this cancellation confirmation contain contradictory information?”

Why won’t Air Canada let me fly home?

After Reena Roshgadol’s daughter gets injured, she has to change her flight schedule. But then she finds out the airline might cancel her return ticket. Can she fix that without spending a lot of money on change fees? Read more “Why won’t Air Canada let me fly home?”

Held up on my honeymoon – do I deserve a refund?

Ashley and Eliza Murphy didn’t make their flight to Paris.
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They didn’t cancel my Air Canada ticket – now what?

Senohrabek /
Senohrabek /
When Chad Cleven cancels his Air Canada ticket, he expects a refund in a few weeks. But it never comes. Now the airline wants to keep his money. What’s going on?

Question: A few months ago I purchased a non-refundable airline ticket directly from Air Canada for a friend to travel from Seattle to Cairo. Within 24 hours of booking this ticket, I learned that he wouldn’t be able to accompany me on this trip, so I called the airline and requested a refund.

I had heard about the new rule requiring airlines to issue refunds to travelers within 24 hours of purchase, so I didn’t think this would be a problem. When I spoke to Air Canada reservations to cancel the reservation, I was told that the funds would be credited back to my credit card.

A little under two months later, I realized that I had not yet received the credit to my credit card. Upon checking on the Air Canada website, I found that this reservation hadn’t been refunded because the agent on the phone had not actually processed the cancellation.
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Stranded in China without an airline ticket

Digital Media Pro /
Digital Media Pro /
Melissa Sigritz is forced to pay $2,450 to get back home after her airline leaves her stranded in China. Is she entitled to a refund?

Question: I booked a flight from Dayton, Ohio, to Shanghai through US Airways, and things went terribly wrong with my ticket. I need your help.

The first two of the three segments of my trip from Ohio to China were on United Airlines. The United agent at the Dayton airport had great difficulty printing my boarding passes and eventually informed me that she would have to issue a paper ticket.

When I checked in for my return flight in Shanghai, I was told by agents that I did not have a reservation on the Air Canada flight. I showed the agents my emailed confirmation from US Airways and the agents rudely informed me that there was nothing they could do. When I begged the agents for help their only advice was that I call my travel agent. I explained that I booked the trip myself.
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What am I owed for Continental’s codeshare confusion?

Ah, the perils of airline codesharing! That’s the questionable but widespread practice of claiming another airline’s flight is yours. And it doesn’t always benefit the passenger, as Brad Albing will tell you.

Albing and his wife were flying from Cleveland to Paris by way of Montreal on Continental Airlines, which at the time was operating as a division of United Airlines.

Their schedule called for a departure at 6:10 p.m., arriving in Montreal at 7:31 p.m., with a connection on another Continental Airlines flight leaving at 8:55 p.m.

“We arrived at Cleveland Hopkins more than two hours early and checked in with a Continental employee who issued our boarding passes for Cleveland to Montreal,” he says. “We asked for boarding passes for the Montreal-Paris leg and he told us to get them in Montreal. We asked if we would have enough time when we got there and he said yes.”

They didn’t.
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Is this enough compensation? Wrong information leads to a missed flight

Christianna Kreiss thought she would be flying to India with her family a few weeks ago.

Instead, she spent hours in Pittsburgh trying to sort out a messy airline reservation that involved Air Canada, Lufthansa and Orbitz.

Kreiss eventually made it to India, but lost two vacation days and had other out-of-pocket expenses. Is she owed anything?
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An “amazing” experience on Air Canada — what the heck is going on?

jazzDo airlines suddenly care about their customers? Well, it may be a bit premature to say they all do, but some of them seem to be making a serious effort. And I’m not just talking about British Airways, which has promised to compensate victims of its latest fare error.

Air Canada is in the game, too. Just listen to Yang Hermes, who was on a recent Air Canada Jazz flight from Norman Wells to Vancouver with a connection to Asia, and had — his words here — an “amazing” experience.
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