This expert travel advice could save your next trip

Before something goes wrong on your next trip, consider taking a little expert travel advice from a guy who specializes in something-goes-wrong scenarios. That guy is Curt Richardson, who founded OtterBox, a manufacturer of protective cases for phones and tablet computers. Read more “This expert travel advice could save your next trip”

Do airline tickets need warning labels?

Airline tickets are more complicated and confusing than ever. Do they also need warning labels? Maybe. Read more “Do airline tickets need warning labels?”

What you can — and can’t — take from your hotel room

What can you safely take from your hotel room? When Lynn Culver stays at a hotel, she helps herself to the soaps and shampoos in her room. If housekeeping replaces the items, she takes the new ones, too.

Culver, a retired attorney from Lumberton, N.J., believes her room rate covers the amenities.

“But some of my fellow travelers consider this stealing,” she says. “Can you please settle a dispute among friends?” Read more “What you can — and can’t — take from your hotel room”

These ridiculous lies kill customer loyalty

Businesses lie to customers. And in an anything-goes, laissez-faire regulatory environment such as this one, the falsehoods are starting to pile up. Read more “These ridiculous lies kill customer loyalty”

New ways to find the cheapest gas

Fuel is expensive, but the tricks travelers use to find the cheapest gas have remained constant for years. They include favorite apps such as GasBuddy, plus common-sense strategies like avoiding service stations on busy highways. Read more “New ways to find the cheapest gas”