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Elliott is a site that advocates for you.

Founded in 1997 by consumer advocate and journalist Christopher Elliott, its goal is to empower consumers to solve their problems and to help those who can’t.

Here’s a little more information about our mission and our causes.

If you’re having trouble with a business — any business — and you’ve reached a dead end, we’ll try to help. Send us a request and we’ll investigate. Please read our frequently asked questions before getting in touch.


Michelle Belltraining

Michelle Bell manages training for all departments. She works for a non-profit organization in New Orleans.

Teri Bergin, newsletters

Teri Bergin is a physician assistant with an oncology and hematology practice in Central Florida. She oversees our newsletter department.

Michelle Friedman, advocacy and editorial

Michelle Friedman manages our editorial coverage and advocacy team. She is a licensed clinical social worker and writer.

John Galbraith, research

John Galbraith is the director of our research department. He is a UK-based lawyer and he loves to find the contacts that others can’t find.

Steven Glover, technology

Steven Glover is responsible for ensuring the site operates smoothly.

Christopher Elliott, founder and publisher

Christopher Elliott is the founder of this site. If you need help, please fill out this formHere’s more information about him and here are a few important disclosures about his advocacy practice.


Elliott would not be possible without help from a staff of volunteers, who donate their time to help advocate for consumers. If you’re interested in making the world a better place, please fill out this form. We’d love to have you on board.

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