A little confused about my Groupon credit

Sue Tomita loses $200 when Groupon fails to redeposit her credit into the right account. Can it just keep her money?
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Why won’t Delta compensate me for a missed tour?

Holley Locher’s problem is all too common, but a solution eludes her — and me. At the heart of the issue, which is in today’s “case dismissed” file, is a double standard the airline industry sets for its passengers, and for itself.
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Should my tour operator keep $8,471 to “cover” costs of a canceled tour?

Tia Millman and John Madsen were looking forward to a private tour of Tunisia and Kenya organized by Experience It! Tours last summer.

But the trip wasn’t meant to be. Just three weeks before their departure, the State Department warned U.S. citizens to avoid Kenya, and Millman made a frantic call to their tour operator.

Now, Millman and Experience It! are bickering over a refund — a sizeable refund — and she wants me to get involved. I’m not sure if I should.
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Keep us posted on that refund

American European Travel’s nine-day ancient Turkey tour looked like the perfect birthday gift for David Olson’s wife, Barbara. With stops in Istanbul, Ephesus and Pamukkale, it fulfilled a lifelong dream of visiting the old Ottoman Empire.

The Olsons learned about the trip through a brochure in The Washington Post. The AET insert bore the newspaper’s logo, so they assumed that The Post endorsed the tour and would stand behind it if something went wrong.

And then, something went wrong.
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What happened in Vegas? (And does it really stay here?)


This is your brain. This is your brain on Vegas.

OK, not quite, but this is my favorite memory of Las Vegas, seen from the upper deck of a Big Bus tour. It’s the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health building designed by famed architect Frank Gehry.

It’s supposed to represent the different hemispheres of the brain, but I think it more aptly describes what’s going on in your head after a week of nonstop partying.
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