I can’t use these Southwest Airlines vouchers — how about a refund?

Kristin Long can’t use her Southwest Airlines vouchers because of a permanent medical condition. Can she get a refund? Read more “I can’t use these Southwest Airlines vouchers — how about a refund?”

We’ll take you under our wing

This week’s number one post is remarkable on two levels. First, because it’s a good-news story — a rarity on this site. And second, because it’s a rerun.
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There’s something “odd” about this lost-luggage claim

Ali Jaffery’s lost-luggage claim is denied because of “substantial discrepancies” in the claim. Can Southwest Airlines do that?
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They didn’t keep their published schedule – why do we have to pay?

It is perhaps one of the most glaring double standards in the travel industry: An airline is under absolutely no obligation to keep its schedule. But they punish passengers with change fees and fare differentials if their plans change.
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Airline cancels route – but what about my credits?

Bruce Leibowitz/Shutterstock
Bruce Leibowitz/Shutterstock
Nancy Palmer cancels her flight from Seattle to Baltimore. Then her airline stops flying from Seattle to Baltimore. So what happens with the ticket credit she was offered? Is her ticket really nonrefundable?

Question: I’m writing about a recent issue I had with AirTran Airways and Southwest Airlines and am wondering if you can help. Last April, I booked a flight through Expedia from Seattle, where I live, to Baltimore, to see my parents. I had to cancel the flight, scheduled for June of last year, and Expedia sent me an email saying I had $399 in flight credits through AirTran, to use within one year.

Just recently, I tried to book the same flight — Seattle to Baltimore — and called Expedia to use my flight credits. Expedia got AirTran to release the tickets back to them, but then Expedia staff told me they found out that AirTran no longer flies from Seattle to Baltimore, or from Seattle to anywhere.
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