The real reason why Silicon Valley is the world’s most elusive tourist attraction

Silicon Valley draws me to it like a powerful magnet, with its Mediterranean climate, irresistible culture of innovation and iconic technology brands that have defined a generation. It pulls in my whole family, which, like many Americans, lives in a world defined by Apple, Facebook and Google.

I was charged a $14 booking fee! Is this a scam?

During an internet search for the Cedar Lodge Hotel, Michael Hughes clicked on what he thought was the hotel’s official website and booked a room. The trouble came when he needed to cancel the refundable reservation. That’s when he discovered that he had actually booked through a third-party website — one that charges a nonrefundable booking fee.

What Google Wave taught me about travel writing

Well, my invitation to Google Wave showed up this morning (if you’re on Wave, here’s how to reach me). Wave is described as an online tool for real-time communication, but I’ve been following its development since this spring, and for me, it represents more than that. Wave has become something of a metaphor for the changes taking place in journalism, and specifically in travel writing.

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