Can you help me fall back in love with Disney?

Mauricio Velandia and his wife and daughter are excited to set sail on another Disney cruise. Unfortunately, his wife forgets to bring her identification to the cruise terminal, and she is denied boarding. Can our advocates help restore the family’s love for Mickey Mouse and friends?

“I gained more respect for Miley Cyrus than I would have thought possible”

Chuck Thompson is the author of the just-released book, To Hellholes And Back: Bribes, Lies, and the Art of Extreme Tourism, a follow-up to his wickedly funny Smile When You’re Lying, a takedown of the travel writing business. So where are the hellholes? Congo, India, Mexico City and — “most feared of all,” Disney World. I asked him to explain.

Disney call center employee: American visitors are “demanding, rude, nasty and foul-mouthed”

When it comes to this weekend’s Travel Troubleshooter column about a Disney vacation that lacked a little magic, there’s no middle ground. Either you side with the unhappy visitor whose monorail broke down and whose room wasn’t up to his standards, or you believe the real victim was the Mickey, who compensated the customer in the end.

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