Our values

Elliott is an advocacy site that empowers consumers to solve their service problems and helps those who can’t. It promotes honesty, fairness and respect between companies and customers.

For companies

Honesty means that the price a company displays should be the price its customers pay — no tricks. Customers have the right to know what’s included — and not included — when an offer is initially made.

Fairness means no incomprehensible one-sided contracts drafted by expensive lawyers. Terms and conditions must be written in plain English and they should apply equally to a customer and a company.

Respect means companies should treat their customers as they would want to be treated. There’s no excuse for bad service.

For consumers

Honesty means customers should never take advantage of a company, even when the business is unethical or avaricious. They have an obligation to educate themselves to the best of their ability before they buy.

Fairness means giving the system a chance before complaining. We believe that by working within the system, responsible consumers can ask for and receive a just and fair resolution to any service problem.

Respect means treating employees as they would want to be treated. Selfish and entitled consumers poison the marketplace, driving up prices and tempting companies to adopt customer-hostile policies.

Our causes

Here’s a short list of what we’re fighting for.

Freezing anti-competitive mergers. We’re unaware of any merger that created jobs, improved customer service, lowered prices or increased competition.

Regulating loyalty programs. Frequent flier, frequent stayer — frequent anything — programs are addictive and expensive for the average consumer. What’s more, they encourage companies to quietly remove necessary amenities and services from ordinary, non-elite customers.

Killing junk fees. Whether it’s a mysterious “access” fee on your cell phone bill or a “convenience” fee on your ticket, we stand opposed to meaningless junk fees that line the pockets of companies.

Ensuring security with dignity. No matter how you travel, you have the right to be screened in a dignified way that respects your constitutional rights.

Protecting your privacy. You have the right to share your private information with a company on your terms — not a company’s.

Promoting labels that don’t lie. A product should say what it does and do what it says.

Got a cause you’d like to add to this list? Send us an email.