YMCA Customer Service Contacts

YMCA is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility programs.

How to reach a person at YMCA

Toll Free: (800) 872-9622

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What you need to know about YMCA

The company responds to most customer complaints in a satisfactory manner.

How to resolve a problem with YMCA

This guide on how to solve a customer service problem will help you resolve most problems with the company. You can also refer to the executive contacts below or contact our advocacy team directly.

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YMCA mailing address

101 N Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606

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YMCA executive customer service contacts

Chief Executive
Suzanne McCormick
101 N Wacker Drive
Chicago, IL 60606

Frequently asked questions about YMCA

How can I contact YMCA customer service?

Does YMCA have an online contact form?

Yes, you can find the online contact form here.

When can I contact YMCA customer service?

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time.

How do I find the nearest YMCA location?

You can sign up for a YMCA membership online through the local branch’s website, in person at the YMCA branch, or by calling the branch directly. Membership options and rates may vary by location.

What types of programs and services does the YMCA offer?

The YMCA offers a wide range of programs and services, including fitness classes, swimming lessons, youth sports, childcare, summer camps, and community health programs. Specific offerings can vary by branch, so check with your local YMCA for details.

How do I register for YMCA programs or classes?

You can register for YMCA programs or classes online through your local YMCA branch’s website, by visiting the branch in person, or by calling the branch directly. Some programs may require pre-registration due to limited availability.

What is the YMCA's cancellation policy for memberships and programs?

Cancellation policies for YMCA memberships and programs can vary by location. Generally, you need to provide written notice or contact the branch directly to cancel a membership or program registration. Check with your local YMCA for specific details.

How can I update my personal information or payment details with the YMCA?

You can update your personal information or payment details by logging into your account on the local YMCA branch’s website or by contacting the branch’s customer service directly.

Does the YMCA offer financial assistance for memberships and programs?

Yes, many YMCA branches offer financial assistance for memberships and programs based on need. You can inquire about financial assistance by contacting your local YMCA branch and requesting an application.

How do I volunteer at the YMCA?

To volunteer at the YMCA, visit your local branch’s website or contact the organization directly to learn about volunteer opportunities. You may need to complete a volunteer application and background check.

What should I do if I have a complaint or concern about my YMCA experience?

If you have a complaint or concern, contact your local YMCA branch directly and speak with a customer service representative at (800) 872-9622 or branch manager.

How to get professional help with your YMCA problem

If you need help with YMCA, you can contact our advocacy team or just click the "Get Help" button. For immediate assistance, you can also send us a message on our Facebook group. Note: We do not charge for our advocacy.

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