Allianz Partners Customer Service Contacts

Allianz Partners is the world’s largest property and casualty insurer.

How to reach a person at Allianz Partners

Allianz Partners Responsiveness rating


The Elliott Responsiveness Rating scores companies based on how responsive they are to customers. Here's more information about our ratings.

What you need to know about Allianz Partners

The claims process can be highly automated. Appeals are reviewed by a real person and are usually decided in the customer’s favor. Our advice: Keep a good paper trail.

How to resolve a problem with Allianz Partners

Use the claims system but don’t be afraid to appeal to one of the executives listed.

Note: If you’re having customer service trouble, please use our proven methods for fixing any consumer problem before contacting a manager.

Allianz Partners mailing address

Allianz Partners
9950 Mayland Drive
Richmond, VA 23233

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Allianz Partners executive customer service contacts

Primary Contact
Elena Edwards
Chief Markets Officer, Member of the Board of Management
9950 Mayland Drive ,
(804) 281 6000

Secondary Contact
Robert Cavaliere
Chief Sales Officer
9950 Mayland Drive ,
(804) 285-3300

Chief Executive
Jeff Wright
9950 Mayland Drive ,
(800) 950-5872

Frequently asked questions about Allianz Partners

How can I contact Allianz Partners customer service?

You can get in touch with Allianz Partners in these ways:

  1. 24-hour assistance hotline: Call (800) 654-1908 anytime for help.
  2. Allianz Life: If you have questions about Allianz Life, call (800) 950-1962 for customers and (800) 950-7372 for financial professionals.
  3. Variable annuities: For questions about variable annuities, call (800) 624-0197 for customers and (800) 542-5427 for financial professionals.
  4. Website support team: Need help with the website? Call (800) 950-3347.

What are Allianz Partners customer service's operating hours?

Allianz Partners have a 24-hour assistance hotline. Call (800) 654-1908 anytime for help.

How can I get a refund from Allianz Partners?

To get a refund from Allianz Partners in the United States, you usually need to follow these steps:

  1. Review your plan documents: Check your benefits, maximum payout, and any terms and conditions that apply.
  2. File a claim: Submit a claim on the Allianz website. Make sure to include all necessary information and documents.
  3. Wait for confirmation: After filing, you’ll get an email confirming receipt of your claim. It’ll contain your claim number, which you can use to check your claim status.
  4. Follow up: If you get additional reimbursement, contact the Allianz Recovery Department and mention your claim number.

Remember, the process may vary based on your policy details and refund reason.

How to get professional help with your Allianz Partners problem

If you need help with Allianz Partners, you can contact our advocacy team or just click the "Get Help" button. For immediate assistance, you can also send us a message on our Facebook group. Note: We do not charge for our advocacy.

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