Her Hotwire deal was a big disappointment! Can she get a refund?

Nikki McKinnis played Hotel Roulette — and lost. Hotel roulette? You know that game of chance. It’s booking lodging through Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” or Hotwire’s “Hot Rates,” where, if your requested price is met, you get a hotel room but without a choice of lodging provider. So you’re either going to be excited about getting a great deal at a nice hotel, or, in this case, disappointed.

No, Uber doesn’t owe you a free flight to St. Martin

David Kresl found out the hard way that Uber’s ride scheduling window is a guideline and not a guarantee. His Uber driver arrived late to take him to the airport. And now he wants the ride-sharing service to pay for his sister-in-law’s trip to St. Martin.


A Qantas goodwill gesture is welcome relief to this family

Jacob Schwartz is excited to take his family to Australia, but his son requires emergency surgery, and they have to postpone their trip. Can he persuade Qantas Airways to forego collecting change fees so the Schwartzes can reschedule their trip Down Under?

DirecTV On Demand down? You’ve got a friend

Recently, a former work colleague, Amy Johnson, was lamenting on her Facebook page about how her DirecTV On Demand had been down for a couple days.

She posted that she had contacted DirecTV customer service by phone (AT&T purchased DirecTV several years ago), and that the representative told her the company was aware of the problem but did not have an expected date of resolution.

Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards program took all of my points

Scott Gillette took a gamble with his Caesars Entertainment Total Rewards points — and lost.

He waited until the last minute to make a purchase that would keep his account in good standing and prevent his points from expiring. However, the company claims the clock ran out for Gillette and his points. But did it?

I wasted $1,000 on fake jewelry during my cruise!

Susan Parelman was enjoying a cruise vacation on Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas when she disembarked in Cozumel, Mexico to do some shopping. Unfortunately, she felt she was “ripped off” at a jewelry store that she claimed was vetted by the cruise line and now she wants a refund.

No, StubHub. I didn’t mean to spend $390 on theater tickets!

It was a simple request. My wife asked me to pick up tickets to “Annie” at the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia if the “price was right.” So, during a free moment at work, I pulled out my smartphone and opened the StubHub app, where I usually can find a decent price for tickets being sold on the secondary market (from someone who was reselling tickets they already had purchased), and I browsed around the theatre.

My Maui condo didn’t have central air. How about a refund?

Diane Barnes was excited about her first vacation in eight years, and it was a big one — a two-week stay at a Kamaole Sands Condo on Maui. Barnes, unfortunately, suffers from multiple sclerosis, so she required a room with central air conditioning in the unit.
Another misfortune beset Barnes when she misinterpreted the details of the listing on Expedia, which stated that the condo included both air conditioning and ceiling fans.

Interjet canceled my flight, but kept my money

Stephen Nelson finds out that his flight within Mexico has been changed and that it would require an overnight stay. This wasn’t acceptable to him, so he changed his reservation and the airline promised to refund for his original flights. Unfortunately, after months of waiting, the refund never came. Can our advocates help make Nelson whole?

A death in the family cuts short this honeymoon, but is a refund due?

Evan Grober’s honeymoon is interrupted by the news that his father had passed away. The resort hotel promises to refund the balance of his stay. However, seven months go by, and Grober has yet to see a refund. Can our advocates help make a terrible situation a little better?

Does travel insurance cover a pre-existing condition and the death of a loved one?

Robert Hamilton was looking forward to his six-night stay in Colorado that he booked through VRBO and Turnkey Colorado. But he also knew that with his mother-in-law hospitalized, he probably should buy travel insurance just in case the unthinkable happened. It also led us to wonder if travel insurance always covers a pre-existing condition and the death of a loved one.

My reserved hotel left me stranded during the eclipse

Bill Chromizky and his wife are excited to travel to the path of this summer’s solar eclipse. They book a hotel in advance through Expedia, but when they arrive, they’re told that their reservation had been canceled. The Chromizkys are forced to relocate to a more expensive hotel. Can our advocates bring them some sunshine and reimbursement for their extra expense?

No, your cat can’t fly on United without a pre-booked reservation

Mark O’Brien contacted us after he and his cat were denied boarding on a United Airlines flight because he did not make the required reservation for his pet. This is a great reminder to read all the terms and conditions before booking an airline ticket, especially if you’re bringing a pet onboard. Or else you could end up with a paws in your travel plans.

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