Waikiki — at last

That’s our room on the 24th floor!
We haven’t moved. Many of you have asked if we’ve relocated to Hawaii. Answer: No, but we kinda wish we had. Our last stop is in Waikiki, where we’re staying at the Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort. This is easily the most frenetic of the Holiday Inn Resorts we’ve checked into for our Away is Home family travel blog project — and I mean that in a good way. There’s a surfing museum here, a Jimmy Buffett’s (ah, you know we’re in the right place if there’s a Jimmy Buffett’s!) and a magic show.

The Beachcomber is right in the middle of everything in Waikiki. It’s directly across the street from an Apple store, a Ferrari store, and there’s a Macy’s on the first floor. I say again: a Macy’s. On the first floor.

Iden and Aren vs. the shave ice.
The kids have been gorging themselves on shave ice, because you can’t get shave ice like this in Florida. But I’ve been appreciating the other things — catching up with old friends, watching the surfers catch a wave and admiring the stars on a clear night. The Hawaiians I know have asked me why I don’t move here. I’m afraid I’m running out of excuses.

Christopher Elliott

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  • Victoria Dossey Findley

    haha.. I love the running out of excuses.. That’s me.. Some people hate Waikiki & we LOVE it.. ( as well as the other Islands… Kauai being the most beloved.. Waikiki has so much to offer.. The historical value is immense. We love the availability of music & dance every night. Shopping .. some of the best spots in Hawaii & food.. did we mention food.? The beaches are some of the best people watching areas ever.. SO glad it’s been a good trip.. I would love to read the kids journals & get their takes… Aloha Nui Loa…

  • judynagy

    Enjoyed this Holiday Inn very much last Christmas – didn’t expect to! Didn’t expect to like Waikiki either but it was great.

  • Jake is all in

    Hell, I’ll go there myself then …

  • Caroline Huston

    We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort for our honeymoon! It’s in a great location, and there’s so much to do in/around Waikiki, especially if you have a car. It was our first time in Hawaii, and we both were so sad to leave!

  • Nikki

    lol – I’m too scared to move to Hawai’i – my relatives would never leave me alone!

  • Vicki

    We were just down the road at the Illikai last week too visiting family. Waikiki is busy but if you have a car its easy to get to some quieter beaches if you want. We are ready to go back and have only been home a couple of days.

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