In Lake Tahoe, skiing is believing


Sometimes the best way to tell you about where I’ve been is to get out of the way and let the pictures do the talking. South Lake Tahoe is one of those places. Here’s a view of the California side of Heavenly Resort. It really defies description. At times, you feel as if you are going to ski right into the lake.


This is the Nevada side of the ski resort, just before plunging down the Milky Way bowl. Most of Heavenly’s terrain is gentle and beginner to intermediate-friendly. Not this run.


I had the opportunity to ski down the race course yesterday. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, I highly recommend it. My time, a sluggish 20 seconds, confirms that I’m what my boys like to call a “chicken” skier. Watch out for the lake!


A communal fondue dinner at the Basecamp Hotel. This neighborhood just across the state line is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with numerous older hotel properties in various states of renovation. The Basecamp is an old 1950s motel that’s been recently remodeled and re-imagined. Think of it as a trendy summer camp for 20- and 30-somethings.


Visitors to Tahoe complain about the lack of air service. Fortunately for us, Southwest flies right into Reno, which is only a one-hour drive to the ski areas. (Plus, they sponsor our family travel blog.)

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Christopher Elliott

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  • cjr001

    My wife and I really enjoy going to Lake Tahoe. We were thinking about going back to Heavenly next month.

    And, yeah, the main reason at this point where we might not is because flight options are so limited. Last time we went, we took Amtrak, but we just don’t have enough time off to do that again.

  • y_p_w

    There used to be scheduled passenger service at Lake Tahoe Airport, including American with flights from SFO, SJC, and LAX. It’s an interesting place too. It’s an airport surrounded by trees right next to South Lake Tahoe. I knew people who flew private planes, and I heard stories of how they had to avoid hitting the side of a mountain and what the high altitude did. Once our group got lost and ended up driving through there. It seemed almost abandoned, but there was a car rental return and parking lot. It certainly wasn’t a major airport

    Driving in the winter can be really interesting around Tahoe.

  • bodega3

    RNO is the closest airport that services North Lake Tahoe and South Lake Tahoe. SMF is also another option.

    YPW, there also use to be a carrier from OAK that flew to the Lake Tahoe airport. It didn’t last long. It is faster to drive up there from the bay area.
    Another option is to be a gambler and get the casino to fly you up for free!

  • BMG4ME

    I went there once, it’s beautiful.

  • Ashley

    Yes, please!

  • Florida Mom47

    Headed out to Tahoe for Spring Break. How are ski conditions? Where are the best places to go now? The family loves Homewood (what a view), but we are wondering about conditions there. Would appreciate recommendations.

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