A Spin Mop really cleans up for a customer

It slices, it dices…wait, never mind.

The Spin Mop may not be on a lot of consumer’s radar, but if one is a conscientious cleaner of living space, then faster and easier ways to do this may catch anyone’s attention.

Cathy Gravino is no exception when she ordered one –- and broke it.

But wait –- there’s more. Customer service not only helped her figure it out on the phone, but gave her a brand new one, on them.

The Good News Guy continues his deviant diversion away from emotional travel journeys to balance the other side of the brain. “The company that makes the Spin Mop has great customer service,” begins Gravino’s email to our forum.


What is this “mop” you speak of? Is this related to the topic of –- gasp –- house cleaning? Well, maybe I am too hard on myself. I can still clean up when needed and do a darn good job.

But who knew there is an online underground mop culture with a website of spin mop user reviews and consumer ratings? Drilling into the website reveals it to be a creature of Amazon which has mixed opinions of reliability -– yet, it’s a start.

“Receiving this mop around the end of 2014, I used it every day, as my home has a lot of tile,” said Gravino. “I ordered extra replacement mop heads and reviewed the instructions on how to change them.”

“To my horror, as I tried to change the mop head, it snapped off in my hand. I immediately had the manufacturer on the phone, and after emailing pictures of the broken one, two weeks later a whole new mop set of bucket, pole assembly, and mop head arrived on my door.”

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Let’s be honest, correctly or incorrectly, TV “ad-heavy” product vendors with later night commercials are not one of the places to think of for exceptional customer service. But a cursory online effort revealed sales now penetrating into Walmart, Amazon, Target, and — hold on — Bed, Bath and Beyond. Although I spend more time in Home Depot and Best Buy, I have been told the Triple B is hitting the big time.

Spin Mop was not only responsive with real time personal phone guidance, even reviewing emailed photos, but never once noted customer fault. And for a really clean sweep, they replaced the whole set of parts rather than what was broken.

“They could have said I did it the wrong way and just sent the broken mop handle,” Gravino concluded. “But they didn’t and instead sent the whole kit and kaboodle!”

Hmm – maybe all the familiar and impersonal manufacturing conglomerates taking us a bit too much for granted can learn something from this fledgling competitor.

The only thing that could have been better would be to include an extra set of Ginsu knives (but for a limited time only).

Andrew Der

Der is an environmental consultant and travel journalist specializing in water science, nature, eco-travel, and cultural destinations

  • Steve Snyder

    Isn’t this the “famous” mop by inventor Joy, that is now a movie?

  • Grant Ritchie

    Yup! :-)

  • Fishplate

    If I bought something and it broke the first time I used it, I’d expect the company to replace it. And they are probably set up to ship only the whole kit – there is no parts stock unless you break a kit open.

    Having said that, kudos to the Spin Mop people for not weaseling. This is what our expectation of customer service has come to…they do what they should, and if they don’t complain to their customer, then they are exemplary.

  • Jim Daniel

    WE have a new home with all wood and ceramic floors, so my wife happened across one of these in Home De-Pot and the employee said his mom loved hers. I’m more likely to be the mopee than the moper, so I’m neutral on these gadgets.

    It went to the still-empty house and the grandchildren “helped” unpack it. So far it’s survived, and we were impressed how well it seems to be made. The 4 & year old girls even tried to spin the 2 year old brother – I have to admit it seems really sturdy and well thought out.

    I love to hear about good customer service.

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