Will this traveler ever see her Alitalia compensation?

Chantal Legge is supposed to fly to Toronto on an Alitalia flight from Rome, but the flight is canceled, and Alitalia rebooks her for the next day. But the new flight is overbooked. Legge ends up flying through Boston to get to Toronto. Alitalila promises compensation, but doesn’t deliver. Can we help Legge get what she is due?

“I’m so glad this forum exists”

When Sarah Birger’s flight to Phoenix is delayed by seven hours, American Airlines rebooks her on a flight for Albuquerque. But she’ll miss a connection if she takes that flight. Can American Airlines claim it has no further obligation to Birger after rebooking her on a flight going miles away from her original destination?

American Airlines canceled my flight three days in a row. What does it owe me?

When Andre Yavetsky tried to fly from Chicago to Madrid on American Airlines, his flight was diverted to JFK, and he unexpectedly spent three days in New York. American initially offered him 15,000 miles in compensation, but Yavetsky wants more.

I see a clear blue sky, so how can my flight’s cancellation be “weather related”?

Catherine Walker-Jacks sat waiting for takeoff. It was her third attempt to fly from Montrose, Colo., to Boston via Chicago on American Airlines. But the flight was canceled — and for the third consecutive day, Walker-Jacks wondered if she’d ever make it out of the airport. She was told that the flight was canceled because of “inclement weather” — yet the sky was clear and blue.

“Your group’s suggested course of escalation actions worked wonders”

After an outstanding tour of Yellowstone National Park, Gordon Heisler is all set to get his grandchildren back home in time for their leading roles in a play. But their return flight is canceled and rescheduled for a day later. If he wants to get them home in time, it is going to cost him.

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