My flight was delayed, so I did a chargeback. Was I wrong?

If you have to ask if you were wrong, you already know that the answer is yes. This certainly was the case for Tiara Sampson — or it should have been.
Sampson’s story should be a warning to all travelers: Expect, and be prepared for, the worst — including delays on all legs of a trip. But if your travel company has delivered you from one location to the one specified on your ticket, then it has fulfilled its contract with you and is entitled to full payment.

Allegiant Air strikes again!

Today’s Advocate This comes from a concerned mother who hopes we can help her daughter sort out a frustrating and expensive situation with Allegiant Air. Joanne Smith’s daughter, Megan Emmerich, flew nonstop on Allegiant from Phoenix to Sioux Falls, S.D. in late June. Unfortunately, Emmerich experienced one of my worst travel nightmares — the airline lost her luggage.

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