Help! My AT&T bill just increased $50. Is there a fix?

By | January 24th, 2017

Yes, Kenneth Bridges, you can lower your AT&T bill.

Bridges was one of many people who benefited by buying a bundle from the telecommunications company, which recently acquired DirecTV. It was a great deal, cutting his bill by $50 per month by adding a DirecTV satellite television package onto his existing AT&T phone and Internet service.

But when the promotional period ended, Bridges’ bill rose by $50 per month. Would AT&T consider extending the offer and helping him keep his bundled costs down? Bridges was skeptical, considering nightmarish stories he’s read about the company on our website.

“Thinking that all they can do is say ‘no’ I contacted AT&T and took the sober approach,” he explains, “I merely stated the facts, and, in essence, asked for a favor.”

Bridges past experience with AT&T made him wary, too.

“I have not been a fan of AT&T’s customer service,” he added.

It’s easy to see why. Our site is littered with horror stories:

But Bridges persisted, reaching out to AT&T’s customer service executives. (By the way, you can get the contact information for AT&T and other companies’ customer service on our website.)

This site is all about teaching effective self-advocacy. You can find all the tools to do it yourself in our frequently asked questions section, but know that we’re always here to try to help.

Bridges’ case has a lesson for the rest of us: If you’re looking for a bundle from a telecom company like AT&T, always read the fine print. The bundles listed reflect prices that expire after 24 months. There also is a link to offer details that feature paragraphs of “fine print.”

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“I must say that they dealt with me in a customer-friendly way,” he says. “The customer representative was able to lower my bill by $20 a month. Kudos to you and the work that you and the advocate team do.”

No, thank you. Your case is a great example of customers helping themselves. But let’s be realistic. Those bills are still a little high.

“I still think that what I’m paying for TV, phone and internet is stupidly high,” Bridges agrees. “But they gave me a $240 bill reduction for the year. Not bad.”

Forcing AT&T to permanently lower its rates is beyond the ability of this site. But we can remind people like Bridges — and you, too — to shop around for the best rates and to constantly evaluate who you’re doing business with. A company like AT&T may be worth your loyalty.

Or not.

  • Pat

    I did the same thing with my SiriusXM subscription. I called to tell them I would not be renewing the subscription when it expires because I do not use it enough to justify the cost. They ended up offering the same deal I got when I subscribed a year ago (half off the price of a year subscription) which was the deal I was looking for..

  • David___1

    Long story short, I tried to change my cable / ISP provider just over a year ago. The new company botched the installation. I called the old company, that I hadn’t terminated yet, asked for a “retention specialist” (I learned they exist from this site – often their job is to harass people trying to leave) and asked what they could do for me to stay. They lowered my current price and upgraded the service. Then I exercised the “opt-out” on the new service. Yeah, it’s for two years, and the cost will go up later, but I’ll do the same later, and may move to the other company if that’s what’s needed. All this depends on having competition in your area.

    BTW, what’s up with the picture of the component RCA cables? I hope that’s not what DirectTV (or anyone else) is offering! Perhaps an upgrade to picture of an HDMI cable is on order!

  • PsyGuy

    Why is it beyond the scope of your site. Really, I could see you approaching AT&T or any merchant and flashing the “Consumer Advocate” Badge and getting a good deal for all of us. Just had a great idea, offer a membership to the site that gets you specially arranged discounts on products and services. Call it a “Friend of Chris’s” special discount. Why not? Everyone from Costco to universities to multinational corporations arranges discounts for its members.

  • cscasi


  • joycexyz

    I did that also. When you say you don’t want to pay the full price they turn you over to a retention specialist who makes a “deal.”

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